Saturday, January 15, 2011

Package arrives from Texas, USA!

Thank you to Barbara DeGrande of Veganacious and the Animal Rights and Rescue of Northern Texas for this lovely parcel! (or "package")
I wanted my Chicken Friends to pose along with the contents, to show Barbara and Justin they arrived safely, but Chicken Friends are too nervous to "mess with Texas"!

Our cards look great together!

Ah, but patience pays off, I lured one Hen Friend over...


Chickens may not be able to "fly", they can only really flutter about as far as a pursuing Cat can leap, but they *can* "teleport" in the blink of an eye ;-)

Thank you very much Barbara!  I'm glad you're a member of the Invercargill Vegan Society, I'm proud to show the Animal Rights and Rescue of North Texas business cards you sent!

You can find Barbara at


  1. :D

    What's your drawing of, I can't make it out, stick people flying planes?
    &what is that bottle of Gringo sauce? Hey Gringo!
    Barbara is lovely

  2. Thank you Sam, Barbaras grandson Justin made the lovely drawing.

    I wasnt sure if that term is offensive, I'd always thought it WAS, apparently its not?

    The Agave Nectar is lovely!, Barbara is great.

  3. The term can be, and probably usually is offensive. But if you have a friend call you it, it's a term of endearment.:)
    Is that what is is, nectar?

  4. Hi Sam, the Agave Nectar, a sweetener used "instead of" Honey is different, the "Ol' Gringo" is a "hotsauce" :-)


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