Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oprah on Veganism, at the slaughterhouse VIDEO

** UPDATE **  I've been told the whole Oprah 1st February 2011 show is here, about 350MB, I'm downloading it now

And it turns out it IS indeed the full 42 minute episode without ads :-)

I've also covered the Oprah show on my last episode

** UPDATE **

I found the slaughterhouse video section here, I think this is all that was shown, live
animals at a "feedlot", shown on their last day eating ground up corn (looks a lot like dirty hay I guess), before being driven, kept for two hours in tiny
barred in pens "to calm down", and then led to their deaths, a few at a time
through winding corridors.

"we couldnt show you the knocking", .... OH CMON! Surely, if you are Non Vegan,
you can deal with what goes on, right? I mean, "its the circle of life", right?
"its natural"...

Well, we see the camera focus on the reporters face as she watches them get
"stunned", mention of a four inch captive bolt that strikes each animal...

Then we see them hanging from the chain, their skins being taken off, their guts
out, their heads taken off, their heads upside down on conveyor belts while they
sort of "crow bar" their jaw off... while the representative explains this is
"respectful, dignified, we use each part of the animal as respect..."

Watching it, I could physically feel my jaw feel sore! Imagine having someone
snap your lower jaw off with a crowbar...

I'll be sure to include the audio from this clip on a future episode.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this! It makes me all the more determined
to promote *Veganism*, after hearing all the buzzwords we've given them,
"dignity", "respect", "stunning", "we want them to be calm", "humane"...

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