Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun in the Sun VIDEOS

For my friends in hell hole, winter stricken nations, yeah, howzit feel up there "on top of the world" now?

A Hen shakes her tail feathers

In this video, a friendly Bumble Bee says hello!


  1. I think you mixed up the videos! The bumblebee visited in the second one, not the first one and the hen shook her tail in the first one, not the second one!

    Btw I love your chicken friends!

  2. Thank you ChronicStumbler!

    Oh the joys of 8KB a second internet (over my cap, in Glorious Nation of New Zealand we have so many GB's of data a month...), I quickly uploaded the videos while still on First World Speed, but posted the video links here on slooooooow! It would be impossible for me to watch those videos right now, ha!


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