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Episode 45 "Suicide its a Suicide" Claimsmaking Memes

Episode 45 "Suicide its a Suicide" : claims-making memes

Meeting other Vegans, claims making memes, Rap music vs Rock n Roll, In Living ColoUr,  all on this episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals :-)

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

Do I sound different?  I should! At the age of 23, I've lost my Veg-inity, by meeting another Vegan in the Tofu, actually, TWO other Vegans!  Yon and Sarah, from The Daily English show.  You can find them at

Maybe I should cover how they lived up to all my expectations in another episode, to do the occasion justice, yes, they actually DID smell like 24 carat Gold, they never blinked, not even once, AND, they even gave me a The Daily English Show towel as a memento.  All the attributes I'd always imagined other Vegans would possess.

This episodes bumper was from my new friend Sam, who was also mentioned on the previous episode.  I love having Bumpers from all around the world, if you are an Abolitionist Vegan, promoting Veganism as easy, as the *least* we can do, through creative, nonviolent education, I'd love to feature a bumper from you.  Just visit this shortened link ,

I also was given this clip to include too, from Raphael, a Swiss listener. had a great interview with Dr Roger Yates, on World Vegan day in Paris.  Isn't that the life, Vegans from all over Europe, visiting France, when some of us have to wait until 23 to lose our Veg-inity.  I'll link to the interview with Dr Yates in my shownotes.

I'd also like to announce a new podcast, a new show from Michael Tiedemann.  Michael can be found at

I think a voice, the digit 4, next to 3 and 5 on your keyboard, it turns into a dollar sign if you hold down that "sh…yft.." key animals, a voice 4 animals is a great name for a blog, and now show.  But….if I had a call name like Michael Tiedemann, I would've went with "Tiedemann Cares", get it, like that Square in China, where, according to the completely unrestricted, open and free Chinese internet accounting, on the 4th of June, 1989, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED.  Tiedemann Cares, Tiedemann Cared would rhyme better, but Michael hasn't stopped caring yet,  theres still time to change the name Michael!

See, with my name, I cant make up any cool show titles… what would I go with?  It would have to be a huge, long name, like…  "Animal Rights without the riots:  creative nonviolent Vegan education with Jordan Wyatt"

In other news, I see PETA gave out awards for two violent sounding video games.  From the Kotaku article:

"While Adult Swim's flash games aren't known for classy content, two have been singled out by animal rights group PETA for being especially animal friendly. Humans killing polar bears is bad, but polar bears killing humans wins awards.
Polar Bear Payback is an action game in which the player takes on the role of a bloody-mouthed polar bear, tearing baby seal hunters limb-from-limb in a spectacular display of gore. Tofu Hunter is a game in which players hunt tofu-based creatures that scream and bleed when killed. This is a sure sign of progress, according to PETA, which is why Adult Swim is taking home a PETA Proggy Award for Most Animal-Friendly Gaming of the Year.

"By portraying the killing of animals for sport, food, or fur in a negative way, these games encourage players to give animals a break and stop eating, wearing, and shooting them," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "Kudos to Adult Swim for recognizing that concern for animal rights has moved squarely into the mainstream." Endquote

Does anyone offer an award for the most human-unfriendly game of the year?"

The Proggy award?  Isn't that what Slaughterhouse designer Temple Grandin got as well?  In the "Visionary" category?
Its things like this that make non Vegans think "the Animal people" are crazy!  Why would we celebrate having polar bears rip people apart?

Another grisly tale, ha, see what I did there?, I came across this poem on a gun shop website.  I want to buy some used ammo tins for geocaching, they're great, the metal tins that once held ammunition, now loaded with paper, a pen, and some plastic junk toys for people to swap.  They're left all around the place, the most used cache containers.  I'd like to make a joke one, with a collapsable M16 inside, to leave in a public park, but this liberal, politically correct "nanny state" filed with welfare queens with cow flesh dinners treads all over our rights. 

"but but but, Ms Police Officer, its legal in that country on the other side of the world!"  It would be just like in those documentaries about America, Grand Theft Auto's 3 through four, where guns and bombs sit on every American streetcorner, slowly rotating inside a glowing orb of light.

Buying from a gunstore, I knew what kind of customers they aimed for.  I was still surprised by this "funny" poem in their humor section


"this poem was written by Hayden Stuart aged 12 of Christchurch
Apparently his school teacher was a little worried after they read it.

When I went rabbit shooting one day.
All the rabbits came out to play.
I pulled out my gun
rabbits started to run.
Then bang, there he goes.
Opps I blew off his nose.
So I went over to him
he was paralised on the ground
and making such an awful sound
So I shot him again
and that ended his pain.

We shouldn't joke about nonhumans hurting humans, OR humans hurting nonhumans. 
I guess they could say we "humanely ended his pain", just as we so often justify "humanely" killing others so we can eat their bodies.  We started the pain, we're teaching our children to kill animals for fun, if they, in their own words, "paralyze" small animals, so that they make quote "such an awful sound", we shouldn't consider it a great thing if they , quote "I shot him again and that ended his pain".

Only a group of yahoos would "meat-up" and kill animals for fun.

It would be great if Vegans could send out a positive message, perhaps through the Tweeter and Facebooks, but what better way to spread the message than rap music?

I've recently been watching In Living Color, spelt without a U.  The sketch comedy show that was a launching pad for one James Carrey, but you can call him, Jim Carrey.

This episode would have been from the early 90's, and shows how, way back then, Vegetarian was a confusing title, that nobody could understand, not even the Fish eating Vegetarian themselves!  Thank goodness we've been so clear on what Vegetarian and Vegan mean these days…right?

In Living Color was a big show in its day, its been great now I've been able , *cough*, buy region 4 New Zealand DVDs for each season of an old television series that wasn't shown here…*cough*… its mentioned today in music

Yet another African Canadian rapper, they seem to be taking over.  And his name is Drake, like a male Duck?  Canadian?  Like The Mighty Ducks, Ice Hockey team?

Huh, whats that?  Anaheim, California?  So uh, thats not Canada?  But, its all socialist and stuff, left leaning… are you sure?  Well, I'll just have to edit the Wikipedia article on that, so my reference is correct.

the song also mentions

I wonder why he only buys animal skins with the hair left on for the female Companion animal Dogs he looks after.

I don't think we have the right to kill others, for their skin, hair on, or hair off, Mr Drake.  Surely, hairy animals have the right to live, just as you or I?

I'd like to play a few clips of KRS One, an "old skool" rapper, most well known in the late 1980's.  He seems to have often mentioned being Vegetarian, I suppose that means Vegetarian, as in he doesn't eat land animals, perhaps wears animal Skins, drinks the breast milk of some strange four legged mother somewhere… who knows.  He's certainly not Vegan. Its quite interesting to hear a young, well known rapper mention being Vegetarian, he may have served as a great role model for listening fans.

KRS one songs are much more interesting than Drake and his skin buying, like this one, "My Philosophy"

I was going to mention how he also rarely swears too.

I think its great to hear a strong young mans voice promoting, uh…. Vegetarianism… I suppose as we promote Veganism, as there are more Vegans, that there will be more strong young Vegan rappers, promoting Veganism.

heres another clip, from "Squash all Beef", without getting sounding too formal, a "beef" is a disagreement between two or more upstanding gentlemen in the hip hop world.

Not sure what that ones meant to mean, that the Fish living in small glass boxes enjoy that way of life?  Or, that instead of eating so called "beef", we should be eating the flesh of Fish instead?

This next clip is explicit, no as in swearing, but in that it makes it clear, KRS One sees animal flesh as dirty, as unclean, and seems to believe that by eating the flesh from "stressed" animals, we absorb their emotions.  They are also "it's", not a moral person, a someONE, presumably seen as a someTHING.  I hope his next album wont be about how great Temple Grandin's quote "Stress Free Happy Meat" is soooo much more Humane, that he's decided to be a "conscientious omnivore", after rapping about being Vegetarian for decades, lets hope Mr One moves towards Veganism instead.  Oh, and the book mentioned is by a leader of the Nation of Islam…yeah, so we need to educate KRS one about Atheism AND Veganism:

Come on now, whats wrong about the flesh of a Donkey? Straight up Speciesism!

Back in the day, Rock music was known for being introspective and deep.  But heres the thing, its terrible!  The kids these days don't want Rock, they want Rap!  They don't wanna hear about all your ex's being from Texas, or about taking a "Chevy", are they even in business still? to a Levee… These days, when we hear of a Levee, we think of Katrina. And forget about asking your little sister if its a nice day to have a Wedding, wearing all White or not.  The kids these days want real life stories, like moving from The Projects, growing up on Government Soy Cheese and The Welfare, to driving a Lamborghini filled with strippers.

Rock music has to go.  I mean, it really ended when a Large guy who liked to "bop", whatever that was, a nerd with thick glasses and the dude who sung La Bamba died. 

Now, the dedication to that event, along with many other stories rolled in, was pretty cool, I like "American Pie".  Like 1984, its really well known, but completely inferior to another of the artists works, Vincent, with his eyes of China Blue is far better as a song, just like how Animal Farm is more equal than 1984.

BAM, did I catch you out still singing, when i stopped the music?

We get it, so The Devil is real, and hates America, pie and all, but what, you're just going to stand there as he laughs?  You cant just stand there, waiting for a supposed Angel to pop down and help out, its 2011, we've got to do things for ourselves, we're the only ones here, don't just stand around, Don!

Even modern Rock knows how to deal with The Devil, We're not Angels, nay, we are MEN! (and Women)

<3 minutes "didn't even sound anything like this song">

Thats a damn right, Greatest Song in the World, tribute, bah, it sounded NOTHING like Billie Jean.

American Pie, the actual full song is about 8 minutes and 32 seconds in length, CRIPES!  Did they not consider todays modern audience, who listen to music on their iPods, while txting on their iPhones, and watching movies on their iPads, as they drive down the street?  Why couldn't they predict our modern way of enjoying music, back then in the 1970's?

The songs too long, jeez!  You've got to speed it up, I believe our friend, a Mister Twista is keen to share his perspective on the matter:

That eight minute Country Rock song would've been over in a New York Minute.

Hey, thats another thing, Mister Twista used "millilitres", surely you kept up with what he was saying, right?  Millilitres, when most Rock music's all about how many Horse Power in the car engine, measured in cubic inches, and how many miles they'd walk to see you again…

When it comes to selling drugs on the street, grams,  bullet sizes, 9mm, and how much blood you've lost, all standard topics in rap, even Americans use the metric system.

But as stated in American Pie, Rock n Roll is over, "The day the music died" was released in 1971, and the damn song costs a few dollars by itself… knowing that most people, by far, would only want that and Vincent from that artist, they make sure they can gouge you on price, damn them.

Hip hop on the other hand, is still alive.  From the 2007 album Hip Hop Lives

Got it, loud and clear.  Well, we'll see, it might go away, replaced by Justin Bieber, and then come roaring back, to indeed live forever.  Just like Michael Jackson, Black Michael Jackson, then White Michael Jackson, with a Dead Michael Jackson period, to end in an Undead, Green Michael Jackson, whose one hell of a dancer, leading his Zombie Pals in choreography.  I've long wanted to see a Michael Jackson shirt about not wearing anothers skin.  Something like "dead skin belongs on the dead", with a frame from the Thriller video, of him in that Orange and Black jacket.

In "Over 30", we learn how age is indeed a number, and that I, at 23, count as "classic"

With "The Teacha's Back", we find out about how to Stop The Violence, something KRS One was long involved in, trying to end the dreaded "beef", possibly in more ways that one.

I really don't see how taking to one another with baseball bats STOPS violence.  Perhaps thats an issue for my next episode.  Lets keep rolling the clip

Its interesting, that in seemingly all songs from strong African Americans, we see the theme that Women are important because of their Child bearing qualities, what about Women who decide New Zealand, at four million in population, is already massively overpopulated?  And decide NOT to have Children, surely they deserve the same respect, and trust?

So we need more songs from Vegans promoting actual Veganism, and more songs from Men promoting respect, and trust, for Women who choose not to have Children, ok?  Are you listening Music Industry?  I'm sure they are, about to throw me in Gitmo for playing so many song clips!  *knock on desk*  Ok, I'm coming, just let me finish the episode!

KRS One had one particular line sampled, and quoted in songs by other artists, it became a meme.  We can catch it in this song,

Suicide, its a Suicide.  Used in how Pigs supposedly live, they're dirty, they will make you dirty too if you eat their dead bodies.  If we really were what we ate, literally, wouldn't we become dead corpses ourselves, for eating dead flesh?

Its amazing how often that line has been quoted in other songs, sometimes using a clip from the original song, but never to do with leaving Babe alone, always because it sounds cool, saying "suicide its a suicide".  Wouldn't it be great if a line with a Vegan message were reused, over and over, years, decades after the original song came out?

Here are just a few songs that the line:

So its been used in many songs over the years, its always interesting to hear the line, and know it was originally about avoiding the flesh of a Pig.  If only the line promoted VEGANISM, and the meaning stayed with the line as it was reused.

Unfortunately, its also been used in British Rap, Welsh Rappers.  It may easily be the funniest of the songs using the line, but not the best:

Goldie Lookin Chain, Welsh Rap must be banned, much like Vegetarian Performance Art:

"I am a Milk Cow, a Lactating Machine for your breakfast cereal", PLEASE, somebody make a design of that, we'll put it on t shirts, bags, anything.  It sounds excellent!

Emmy, Sam, its up to you guys to design the shirt.

Heres another example of not fantastic British Rap,

I do like hearing " a tenner " though, where did I grow up reading that, a tenner, uh, the Beano comics?  Famous Five?  Biggles?  Somewhere, a Tenner this, a Tenner that. 

No song called "written in the stars" is good, even if by Elton John,

Yip, delete, right click on the Trash, Empty Trash, yes, I'm sure I cant listen to that awful song again after sending it to digital hell.

However, as always, Michael Jackson shows how its meant to be done, this song, Someone in the Dark is from the Thriller special edition, its from the ET Storybook, an audio version of ET, released around the time the movie came out, read by Michael, and with clips from the movie!  Wow!  One of his 8 grammys was for the storybook

Damn science.

Who wants to watch the movie version, or read the book when you can hear it from MJ?

As you listen to this song, just imagine me, a young Vegan guy, Veg-anity intact, holding a Hen in his arms as he gazes uh… down at the moon?  Since up is down, when it comes to the sky, in New Zealand, wondering if somewhere out there, in the dark, another Vegan may also be watching the same moon….

So I'm not the only Vegan to have crash landed here, desperately trying to make an intergalactic iPhone to ring Vegan, 25 light years away, while hiding from Science in some kids closet.

To all the other Vegans out there who've currently never met another Vegan in the tofu, keep the dream alive, it really is as fantastic as you've always dreamed, up there with planning your wedding as a child, or dreaming of being adopted while you live in the orphanage with a hundred other children sharing a set of bunks, other Vegans really do smell like 24 carat gold. 

No, the key to British success in music is Popular Rockular.  As evidenced by George Michael, its got to have an organ, church kinda theme at the start:

No you don't Mr Michael, if you believe in Angels, you just stand around making a fist while The Satan laughs on stage, but if you believe in the work of Men (and Women), then you can get rid of him yourself!  Well, with the help of your equally chubby sidekick, armed with Acoustic guitars.
The British part on biblical sounding Pop Rock, the American on the rap mentioning the famous meme, sounds great, for someone who doesn't like Rock, I like when the U2-esque guitar kicks in, at the right time too!

And Chris Martin, like Lawrence Kris Parker, is also Vegetarian, supposedly.  Wouldn't it be great if they were both Vegan?  Wouldn't it be great if they promoted a clear, creative, Nonviolent Vegan message?

Its been fun setting the world record for "most begging to be sued by the music labels", thank you for listening.  The moral of todays story, the more we promote Veganism, the more Vegans there will be, and some of them will want to rap about it.  And surely, like stealing cars and running over pedestrians, the children of today learn their morals from video games, and rap music. 

Heres to a successful Veganism promoting Vegan Rapper!

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

You can find the script for this episode, as well as downloads for every episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals at coexisting with nonhuman animals .

If you want to contact me, even just to say you listened, send an email to, or on Twitter, j a y w o n t d a r t,  I'd appreciate it.

Thank you for listening.


PETA award for game where Polar Bears brutally rip humans apart

Poem from the HUMOUR page of Gun City,,_it%27s_a_suicide

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