Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE: What did *YOU* do to promote Veganism?

Showing that some truly never miss an opportunity to promote Veganism, NO MATTER HOW BIZARRE, it appears one Mister Blurry Cam managed to "find" Invercargill Vegan Society cards in Dunedin bar and restaurant restrooms, right next to the "Let Manuel show you good time" listings and ads for crappy Bands who really should stick to their Garage.

Now, it may seem highly unlikely that someone tall, also with an iPhone 4, wearing a shirt mentioning Invercargill from a much loved (but kinda shitty) New Zealand classic would be out there on the loose with Invercargill Vegan Society cards, but OBVIOUSLY it must be someone else!

Why, of *course* I wasn't in Dunedin at the time, with or without friends making public displays of affection (ewwwww):

I know its hard to believe this person would also be called nadroj backwards, but seriously who are you going to believe?  Some grainy, jerky, dark video taken by an unseen, no doubt shadowy operator, or, your old pal Jordan?  Exactly!

This marvellous person also caught Windows doing what it does best, crash and take your real estate biz with it!  Good Old "Virus Scanner" updates!  Glad you saved that extra couple hundred by not getting a Mac?  (Because Macs never ever ever crash.  Ever.)

Not to mention taking cheap shots at the notion Science is different when studied by a Believer and someone who agrees with a natural world view:
Damn, some great Sci Fi in here about a Transhumanist walking on water, the resumption of life and magic powers yo, gonna be a best seller one day!
Only open on Sunday and Wednesday? (for a "testimony", court hearing?)  What if JC comes for a coffee and biscuits on a Tuesday?
No sir, I was not responsible for these photos.
Police are now looking for one B. DeGrande, perhaps using the alias "Alex The Large", its quite plausible Barbara would fly 20+ hours around the world to defame my good name with criminal act of business-card-in-public-restroom-leaving, why, just listen to her last episode, where she CLEARLY travels the world to cover a one member Vegan (un)Society!

"We are going to take a quick spin around the globe to visit some of the spots where abolitionist vegan groups are sprouting up."

"Time to sail away again...

Heading back to our starting point, New Zealand, a mecca for animal exploiters, lives the Birdman of Invercargill. Jordan Wyatt, peacefully caring for a few rescued chickens and sharing their beauty and personalities with the rest of us, recently started the Invercargill Vegan Society.  With a total membership of one, Jordan has allowed a few of his fans to become honorary members. I am one of his biggest fans – well, truth tell, I am only about 1.524  meters tall, or five feet, but I am very big in enthusiasm for Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, the Jaywontdart podcast, and his CWNA blog.  

Jordan is a great example of what one isolated vegan can accomplish. I first met him via Twitter, where he had asked for feedback about a letter he wrote to his local newspaper. He is often on local NZ forums, challenging thinking and quite often, given the high percentage of animal-related businesses in the area, catching unfair flack for his abolitionism. All he needs now is one more abolitionist to assist him in getting the word out locally. Jordan has already had IVS business cards all printed out, so he is ready to join the global abolitionist vegan network. If you live near Invercargill, contact Jordan for information about joining his abolitionist vegan work. You can find out his contact information at Or give him a Tweet  @jaywontdart." 

Take her away boys, I hear she disagrees with "enhanced interrogation techniques", but hey, they're OK now we padded the board, right?

The Invercargill Vegan Society: Not "Happy Meat", but where *everyone* gets a "Happy Ending"

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