Saturday, January 8, 2011

My NZ Vegan Zazzle store bags! *update* and badges!

I share a Zazzle print on demand store account with Elizabeth Collins ( ), Emmy James ( ), Sam Tucker ( ) and public activist William Paul.

My first bags arrived yesterday! *update* and badges today! *update*

Now I will no longer use my worn out SAFE "Love Pigs not Pork" bag!

I hope my Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals bags will be eyecatching while I walk home with my groceries :-)

*update* and my badges arrived today!

Trying to reduce glare!  The badges are very colourful, great detail in normal light

Together, we're all making cost price items which can hopefully be bought from anywhere in the world, not just the NZ version of the Zazzle site.  You too can wear an Emmy James or Sam Tucker Original!

Thank you to Elizabeth Collins, Emmy James, Sam Tucker and William Paul for their help with the store!

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