Monday, April 30, 2012

"Sunday" current affair show on "Homekill and "Cow Pooling" VIDEO

This "Sunday" current affairs segment is nuts, about buying into "homekill", buying a cow from TradeMe, keeping her alive 28 days (as regulations require) and then having her killed by a "homekill" operation, depicted here as "Ms Moo" being shot through her head by a man in his truck.

The scenes showing flesh are gross, in particular the yellow fat, ESPECIALLY showing it being mixed into the "sausages" as yellow "pus". I'll stick to the Vegan sausages made from beans thanks!

Farmers are already reporting increased customer demand after the Sunday show aired yesterday night, as customers flood their phonelines wanting in on these deals.

Contains many nods to "Vegetarianism", which is certainly a good thing, ie "no wonder so many people are going vegetarian" while at the supermarket flesh section, and the final notes of the piece?

"...for those tempted, but squeamish at the thought about getting to know your MEAT, there is an unwritten rule that should always be obeyed...."dont name your BEAST...dont name your FOOD" *laughs* reporter: "why not?"  "its very much harder to kill a *FRIEND* that it is to *laugh* to kill a perfect stranger".

End reporter : "yes indeed, it probably inspires as many vegetarians as it does homekill enthusiasts."

I certainly hope my gentle videos of my Chicken Friends living their lives will have that effect.

ceramic art made by my friend Romina, who has Rescued Hens which she looks after


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