Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plaza Supervalue supermarket message board, now with 100% more INVSOC!

I made some baking to thank the vets who saved Curious Hens life with antibiotics, on my way home, I noticed the Plaza Supervalue supermarket (who dont seem to have a website, in 2012!!!) has a community message board, like Pak n Save and Countdown (now with INVSOC cards) and New World (now with INVSOC cards) :-)

I took some of the provided cards, to later glue my INVSOC business cards onto...but then I realised "hey, I can just bang the cards in there directly, duh!", so I did just that :

After taking these photos, I thought it would be more secure to sneak the cards into the Vet South plastic leaflet holder, wind and waterproof, ha!

"A free service to our valued customers"......um, well, I guess I bought a couple bottles of Waiwera mineral water there a few months ago......dont tell them I dont shop there!  I'M TOO YOUNG TO GO TO PRISON, THEY'LL EAT ME ALIVE IN THERE!!!


  1. No, you're offering a service to their customers, so you don't have to be one yourself. Have them call me if they give you trouble. :P

    1. Great idea! I'll remake the cards to say "Susan C.", and your Skype details in case of any ass bootings, ok? cool, THANKS SUSAN! :-)


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