Friday, May 4, 2012

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt on exploding offal Non Vegan "petfood"


Petfood Factory "Love your Cat", "Love Your Dog" brand petfood, made by future Mayor of Invercargill Tim Shadbolt from slaughterhouse offal....not cooked long enough to save time and produce more cans of "petfood", the cans "turned into yeast and exploded", the not cooked, rotting guts created enough pressure to burst the sealed steel cans!

Download audio of Mayor Shadbolt on "rendering" guts and goodness knows what into "Love Your Cat" and "Love Your Dog" non vegan petfood

Recorded from Mayor Shadbolts Guinness World Record for Longest interview, at over 26 hours in length!

Video I took as the 24 hour mark was broken

Invercargill Vegan Society gets a mention on the scrolling ticker :-)

To see more about the world record being broken, visit the official page :-)

*** UPDATE ***

September 6th 2012

"A $13 million rendering plant is set for the start of the season at Lorneville, near Invercargill.

Alliance Group operations manager Ross Smith said the rendering machinery was being connected in the new 1121 square metre building at the Lorneville plant.

Rendering would begin next month, Mr Smith said.

About 12 tonnes of animal waste product from the hocks to the heads could be rendered every hour and animal parts once deemed useless were rendered into a valuable protein for many products, such as petfood, he said."

"All the raw material pumped into the plant would be completely contained in pipes along with any vile smells.

''We like to be good neighbours,'' Mr McKenzie said.

The Lorneville plant had about 2000 staff and had capacity to slaughter 32,000 sheep in 24 hours, he said."

YUM.  Mayor Shadbolt would be proud!

The Southland Times "New Kit For Meat Works" 

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