Saturday, April 28, 2012

INVSOC mention onscreen during World Record Interview attempt!

I sent in a message for Mayor Tim Shadbolt's attempt at the Guinness World Record for Worlds Longest Interview, he's talking for 26 hours, its televised here, and online

"Well done Tim and Tom! Great to watch while we plan our next Invercargill Vegan Society Potluck!
We'll always be thankful for Mayor Shadbolt donating his time to appear in our promotional video! :-) "

Well worth sending in a message to these sorts of things, although I missed recording the first part! :-)

Mayor Shadbolt was kind enough to appear in this video for INVSOC, I made the appointment to meet him, waited, got buzzed through, let in through the different layers of security and finally there he is in his office, waiting for me, chewing gum the whole time!

He read the wide spaced, large font script off bits of paper pinned to my Herbivore Clothing sweatshirt :-)

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