Friday, November 9, 2012

Vegan Cheese, Custard, Chocolate Mousse! PHOTOS

My friend Jen brought some Vegan cheese from Dunedin down with her! :-)  Also shared were huge bowls of custard and chocolate mousse :-)

Jen came down from Queenstown, although soon she'll be living in and doing fantastic Vegan work in Dunedin :-)

Oreti Beach on a gorgeous day, setting of The World's Fastest Indian  (See also recent movie "Two Little Boys")

Stirling Point (Landsend) Bluff, bottom of the South Island.  ~19,000 KM to London, ~15,000KM to New York City :-)

Just before I took this photo of Jen, there were two Indonesian tourists who'd travelled the entire length of New Zealand.  Its always a little sad to see tourists having to take a photo of one another, one posing, the other taking the photo.  I'll offer to take a photo of them posing together, and they usually are quite grateful.  As "the camera" was passed to me, I realised it was an iPhone 5, oooh, the first time I'd fully used one.   I joked about "slumming it" with my beloved iPhone 4 :-)

Bluff Hill, with the Tiwai point Aluminium Smelter in the background, makers of "the finest Aluminium in the world".  Local metal is used in the wings of the Airbus A380.  The Wikipedia entry on Bluff shows a fantastic photo taken from space showing the peninsula , awesome to say "hey, thats exactly where we are!" :-)

I've visited Bluff with Dan and Australian friend Justin of Hellhound Hotdogs before.
Jen and I had a great day seeing the Southland sights.  The cheese she brought down from Dunedin is not yet available here in Invercargill, although with increasing membership of the Invercargill Vegan Society, more Vegan products are sure to be stocked soon! :-) Australian firm cheese by Kingland, their yoghurt is available in Invercargill.  

My friend Katie suggests "the yellow 'soya cheese' is best when frozen and grated over food"

Scottish Vegan cheese :-)


A friend on Facebook commented when I first shared this blogpost: "I'm very gluttonous when it comes to cheese. Especially Brie and camembert. Don't know if Soy Cheese would substitute."

My vegan friend Veronique mentioned:
 "Well I grew up in France, land of Brie and Camembert. I ate that like crazy until i went Vegan in 2006. The tastebuds relearn and your forget about it when you know it is a cruel product."

If its good enough for my French born friend Veronique to "substitute" Vegan cheese in place of Non Vegan cheese, it should be good enough for everyone :-)

Unlike the vegan cheese from Dunedin, gluten free Australian brand Orgran has both Custard and Chocolate Mousse easily available in Invercargill, from Plaza Supervalue.

I love thick custard, made simply by adding two (more like three) Tablespoons of the Custard mix, with 1 Tablespoon of sugar and a total of 500ml of Soymilk.

Chocolate mousse wasnt as nice, its a single serving of chocolate powder and water mixed together.  I whisked by hand which left it heavier, if I'd used an electric blender and/or beaten longer, it would have fluffed up more.  As shown, its more of an "instant pudding" :-)

Thank you to Jen for bringing down Vegan cheese, while its not quite to my taste (at least yet!), I love the Kingland brand's soy yoghurt which is easily found in Invercargill supermarkets, and it can only be a good thing if vegan cheese is available in Invercargill supermarkets soon :-)

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