Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Curious Hen Drinking in Pecks! VIDEO

Curious Hen seems to be unique amongst my Hen Friends in that she drinks in "pecks". The other Chickens put their beaks down and suck up water, before tilting their heads back so it flows down their long necks.

Curious Hen "pecks" at the water, stab, stab, stab, stab! with her beak :-) My theory is that shes watching the ripples and reflections of the water, and touching them as fast as she can, while still drinking in :-) She tends to drink from the edge of the tray too, which would make the water bounce off the sides for her better. Its like she's play squash then, deliberately bouncing the water off the sides to catch the rebound! :-)

Remember, Chickens have their eyes on the side of their head.  They can see well with either eye, looking with their heads "side on" as you see here in this video as Curious Hen clearly looks up to see what I'm doing.  But their eyesight is particularly keen looking "straight on", both eyes looking towards the end of their beak, for eating, judging distance etc.

With their keen eyesight, they have great precision using their beaks, able to pick up exactly what they want from a pile.  Hens would make great surgeons, or dentists!  Having your eyes on your actual hand (beak) would be useful for precision! :-)

Its certainly possible shes paying attention to the water as shes touching it.

Blackbirds start singing at the end, and the Hen Friends pay attention.  Geiger Hen is by my feet during this recording, you can hear her "
whirring" at the start :-)  Curious Hen is "brown", Whole Hen is "orange".  Interesting to see the difference between my Rescued Hen Friends, the darker brown hens tend to be larger.

As a comparison to how Curious Hen "peck drinks" in her unique fashion, here is a video of the other three Rescued Hens drinking at the same time, in usual Chicken fashion.  Recorded today, as I checked they were all ok :-)

Curious Hen eating my version of lasagne, as seen at our September 2012 INVSOC potluck.

I feel we can have a real impact for the animals by sharing gentle videos.  We do not need to use violent, upsetting videos to promote Veganism, which is respect for others.
"I always get a smile when I see you have posted a new video of your hens. They sure have recovered well from their previous life and look just beautiful. Thank you for sharing."  ~ Piscesbobbie

Go Vegan :-)

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