Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adventist Weekly Vegan Cooking Class!

Today I visited a new Vegan friendly cooking class, run by Seventh Day Adventists.  Their religion often promotes and encourages Vegetarianism and Veganism.  In fact, Sanitarium, one of the largest New Zealand food companies is owned by Adventists!

While Atheist myself, I'm always interested to meet with religious believers who promote Veganism.  In March I met a local Hare Krishna group, and found out what they are about.

I was interested to see what the Adventists would be like, and to see if the promise of a WEEKLY VEGAN COOKING CLASS was too good to be true! :-)

INVSOC members Dan and Luke let me know about the class, which was just about to begin.  Dan was working today, but Luke, Russell and myself joined the inaugural Adventist "Choose Life" cooking class.

Two of the recipes today were Non Vegan, using insects honey.  The group seemed quite open to trying Vegan versions in future, which was fantastic to hear.  Russell suggested Rice Syrup could be used as a substitute.  Other Vegan sweetners include Agave Nectar and Maple Syrup.

One of the group leaders, Thomas is a doctor at Southland Hospital, he knows Luke and Dan :-)  Thomas gave an interesting slideshow presentation about New Zealand health statistics, linking our increasing poor health to our diet.  It was really fascinating to be there and to see a presenter "make real" what we as Vegans feel, that we can be fit and healthy without animal products.  Its always great being in a room where Veganism feels like the norm!

About twenty guests attended, it was really well done.  Some were vegetarian, many were there for health reasons, they wanted to have a healthier diet.  I hope to meet everyone at future classes, and who knows, perhaps Invercargill Vegan Society numbers will swell :-)

Also a member of the church group was Suzanne, who Dan met at the hospital.  Dan had found out Suzanne was Vegan, which is fantastic!  I hadnt met her in person until today, but now she has a card, and an invitation to join us for future potlucks, I hope Suzanne will frequent our events :-)

Here are some of Suzannes books about Vegan cooking.

Kidney Bean burger patties with salad

A "Jack Cheese" was demonstrated, a quick soft Vegan cheese, as seen in the top left corner below.

Future classes will hopefully be fully Vegan - Vegan cooking classes every week here in Invercargill?!?!  It sounds too good to be true!

The class is held in Clifton, South Invercargill in the Adventists Church Hall.  109 Wicklow Street, a little further south than the Hospital.

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Thank you to all the nice people at the Adventist "Choose Life" cooking class, I hope to see you again next week!

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  1. The cooking class name is also perfect "Choose Life". That's what this is all about.I am sure you are aware of the famous Adventist study which showed that they all had better health than the general US population


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