Thursday, June 23, 2011

INVSOC Advocacy Kit complete with posters! :-) PHOTOS

My Invercargill Vegan Society Advocacy Kit (INVSOCAK anyone?...) is complete, now with posters and new business cards!
I'll keep the A5 laminated posters inside to show people, the A4 size will be put up to promote Veganism :-)

It was an overcast day, weird clouds, perhaps a Chilean Ash Cloud ?, as I moved to block out glare, then my SHADOW would screw up the light :-)  Its most noticeable on the green, bright colours, they're all the same shade, they look great in person ;-)

See all photos of the kit here

Feel free to print off a copy for yourself :-)  Full size 2480 x 3507 resolution original .PNG's are linked below, smaller (reasonable!) sizes can also be chosen.

Download full size, warning HUGE 2480 x 3507!  

Download full size, warning HUGE 2480 x 3507! 

Download full size, warning HUGE 2480 x 3507! 

See also my blogpost about using a Smartphone, iPod Touch or Tablet for showing material


  1. Effort and ingenuity can change the world, and you will certainly make a difference.


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