Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Backbenchers" show, SAFE donated "Free Range Eggs"?

On the same episode of "Backbenchers" (a question-members-of-parliment show) as ACT party MP Hilary Calvert saying:

"I don't care if they display the characteristics of chopping their heads off and running around the garden without their heads either. We care about people ahead of silly little chickens," Calvert said."

Did SAFE actually give "Free Range Eggs" as a prize?  Why not, I dont know, Vegan chocolate or something decent?  Something without animal exploitation!

*** UPDATE I've heard back from Debra, who states SAFE would not have bought those awful "Free Range Eggs", that the presenter must have been confused.  I say a less confusing message would be had if we were not essentially promoting "buy Free Range" :-) )

What a crappy prize!!!

Possibly the hosts were confused as to who gave them these "Good Eggs", however, SAFE are in full support of the "Free Range", "Cage Free" welfare reform, dressing in Chicken costumes on the show, would they really go so far as to buy "Free Range Eggs" though?

Surely, thats not Animal RIGHTS?

SAFE make an appearance in the second segment of the show, viewable here (Click the "2" underneath the video to see it)

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