Monday, June 6, 2011

Four Corners show "A Bloody Business" download

Ill be covering this "Australian Live Export" story soon, until then, you can easily watch that episode of "Four Corners" here.

Just under 350MB, ~45 minutes long without ads, a free download shouldnt take that long.

It does contain video of animals being killed, and that awful Temple Grandin.  On the positive side...umm.....lots of pretty Dragonflies...?

I highly recommend watching to learn more about this issue, or at least, how its portrayed. 

To boil it down to huge tweet length... "Australians kill animals properly, those Indonesians cant do anything right without our constant help, new Australian designed killing equipment, new Australian trainers....its about doing this humanely, and us wonderful Australians can teach these impoverished people how to respect killing them"

I really found that angle to be overbearing, the idea that Indonesians are somehow backwards, that they cannot so much as keep their knives sharp...

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