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Episode 57 Live Exporting Australians

Episode 57 Live Exporting Australians

Live Export of living animals from Australia to Indonesian slaughterhouses, Animals Australia's Lyn White, Official Sociologist to the Invercargill Vegan Society Dr Roger Yates, Elizabeth Collins, and those darn "Dairy farmers" *still* hard at work, ruining New Zealand!

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Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, the premier podcast of the Invercargill Vegan Society.

A quick throw back to last episodes "damn farmers ruining the country, make me want to throw up" story.  Pollution in the Waituna Lagoon, an internationally recognized area of New Zealand, which is being ruined, forever, by "dairy" farmers waste, they call it "nutrients", anyone else would call it shit.

From The Southland Times

"…Two charges were for discharging dairy shed effluent on to land from a traveling irrigator in circumstances that may have resulted in the contaminants entering water; one charge was for depositing stock carcasses into water; and the final charge was for discharging sludge and dairy-shed effluent from an incomplete effluent-disposal system…."

Dairy shed effluent, as in, all the shit left by the cows as they are mechanically milked a couple times a day.  An irrigator, that sprays that "nutrient" on the fields, and "depositing stock carcasses into water", as in throwing the dead slaves corpses into the water.  Lovely!  They should mention this on the milk carton!

The Australian program "Four Corners" ran an episode about Live Export, the Australian practice of sending live animals by boat to overseas countries, to be killed there.  Its looked down upon as cruel by Animal Welfare campaigners.

Here are some clips from the show

How can any killing be "humane"?  Is it ok for a Woman to kill a Man if she "stuns" him first?  If he's in the bathtub, and she throws an iPod in, giving him a light shock, and an expensive paperweight, whatever paper was, before cutting off his head, is that cool under Australian law?  No, not quite.

Lets respect other animals right to life.

the smell of Blood, "fear", gee, I wonder what happiness smells like, my bet is like bananas,    knives being sharpened, dropped, concrete, water… ANY Slaughterhouse fits her description, the footage seen.  Cmon!  If this was an Australian or even a saintly New Zealand slaughterhouse, the average Non Vegan viewer would be stunned by what they saw.  Oddly, its often considered "not nice" to STUN viewers with "graphic footage", aka, showing them the truth about whats on their plate at that very moment.


Again, the politically acceptable answer, "we care about animal welfare…its number one…", if treating animals nicely was number one, your employees would be taking all those animals to those lovely Australian beaches for a picnic, followed by surfing!  Lets be honest, above all else, you wouldn't be involved in that industry if you weren't making a profit.  Would you do it for free, Mr Guy In Charge of Live Export?  No.

And all abattoirs, or SLAUGHTERHOUSES are equal.

I do admit to being shocked by what I saw at first, so the ritual custom is to tie animals up, before we cut their throat, right?  So, in their wisdom, the Australians decided to give the Indonesian slaughterhouses lovely "Control Boxes", thats what they're called, a "Control Box", metal sidings, that the animals go into, they are tied up through steel rods set in the concrete, sloping wedge shaped floor, a side swings away off the Control Box, and having their throat cut, they slam their heads against the sloping concrete in panic.  Until they bleed to death.  Its not nice to see.  Its not nice to have it happen to you!  "Headslaps" are described, as we saw, the animals bashing their heads against the concrete, trying to regain their footing while bleeding to death, they stumble, they fall over, they thrash against the concrete slope.  All this designed by Australians, because its "better welfare", than simply chasing them around a room, trying to tie them to a post and then killing them without the "Control Box", and its sloping concrete wedge.

"overly exuberant with a goad"?  They smacked them around too much, you know, before they killed them.  Putting their fingers in the animals eyes?  To upset them, to hurt them?  "Thats not required"?  What, its above a passing mark, its extra credit in this display of disrespect, of cruelty?

New Zealand "dairy" farmers often use "a length of pipe", they've told me its to keep them moving as the farm worker wishes, to TAP them with…I called it their beating stick, which the farmers didn't like.  I wouldnt keep calling it that, but lets be honest, thats what its used for, to hit animals with, when they don't do what they're told.  Because, they don't understand English, right?  But they do understand "go this way, NO, not that way, *WHACK*, THIS WAY DAMN YOU!…."

Animals are hit in Australia, New Zealand, America, Britain…everywhere….yet it was shown to Non Vegan viewers as though its some kind of out of control abuse, to hit them with a stick, New Zealand dairy farmers use a plastic pipe, its part of the job.  After all, its not like the animals are signing up to be killed, you have to take control of where they go.

Gee, if only we could hear the opinion of the worlds leading expert on Animal Welfare, a person who designs slaughterhouses, you know, where we kill animals!

<6 grandin>

They're ALL terrible, all the New Zealand slaughterhouses are terrible, all the Australian slaughterhouses are terrible, all the American slaughterhouses are terrible…

And why do we do this to other animals?

<8 why>

We do it because we've grown up believing its good to eat "meat", its wrong to hurt an animal, we don't want to see blood and guts, animals dying, but we want to eat their dead bodies.  Something has got to give, and apparently, its not us giving up "meat", but other animals having their lives TAKEN.  Lets end the demand, you're not tough, or manly, or rich, or attractive for eating flesh. 

I'd like to mention, Farmers don't believe they are evil, they believe they're saving the world, making food, keeping the economy afloat… they're doing what they've grown up doing.  They don't believe they're hurting animals, they have animals killed The Good Way

Debra Ashton managed to interview Lyn White, the main investigator for all this "Australian Live Export" business.  Here are some clips from Debras show, Animal Rights and Wrongs,

The first clip, why couldn't we kill other animals in Australia, and then send over dead bodies?

<1 send dead bodies>

I don't think somethings "fitness" in Australia or New Zealand matters, but the lives of the animals we're having killed. 

<2 refrigeration>

I'm not fond of the phrase "turning animals into…", does a murderer "turn you into meat" when she chops YOU up?  Its not a magic wand, where pumpkins turn into carriages here!  We *kill* other animals, we call their flesh "meat".

What about this refrigeration angle?  Should we really be spending all our time asking for better dead animal storage overseas?  How about asking them not to kill other animals in the first place?  All that filth, where do we think it came from?  Its not like the "meat" has never touched blood, or waste before, where did the filth come from?  It was inside the animal for years, until being spilled out seconds, minutes, hours ago. 

<3 boycotting one slaughterhouse >

Exactly, if industry boycotts "the bad slaughterhouse", it will just go somewhere else.  Lets focus on the problem, that we have huge factories where animals are hurt and killed in the first place.  And why, because we enjoy eating their flesh, we've grown up eating their flesh, we believe it makes us manlier, taller, stronger, more sexually potent…its some kind of magic red lump, full of possibilities. 

Or, its part of a dead body. 

Official Sociologist to the Invercargill Vegan Society, Dr Roger Yates was kind enough to contribute

Thank you very much Roger!  You can find his marvelous show at

And thank you to Elizabeth Collins for joining me, you can find her at

Lets get to the root of the problem that we are killing animals in the first place.  We cant do it "nicely", or "humanely", or "kindly".  Lets respect other animals, other life, other sentient beings.  Why would we want to eat dead flesh, if we hadn't grown up with its acceptance?  I certainly don't feel I'm "missing out" by being Vegan, any more than I felt like I was "missing out" by NOT eating cats and dogs.  Its easy to be Vegan, I think its as easy to be Vegan as not, personally.

Lets promote kindness for other animals, people are willing to hear us out on this "radical" Vegan thing :-)

This whole Live Export thing is a sideshow, getting upset about seeing slaughter on the other side of the world, while we're generally not shown our own slaughterhouses during mainstream, prime time television.  Lets direct peoples disgust to what we're directly doing, by what we can ourselves change.  Because, you know, Veganism is all about looking at yourself in the mirror!

Going after this single issue, Australian Live Export to Indonesia, pretending its in any way worse than "if we killed these animals in Australia", or if we killed them in America, or if we killed them in New Zealand, its all a distraction.  Its not asking Non Vegans to think about their own involvement, what *we* can really do to make a change for others.

No doubt this uproar will die down, we'll all continue our daily lives, safe in the knowledge "Live Export has gone away", that our meals are "humanely killed", an oxymoron if ever we've heard one! :-

I've linked to an Australian article about more *New Zealand* dead animals being sent to Indonesia, if Australia is playing hard to get, fine, they just asked for more New Zealand animals to be killed, and sent over dead.    Supply and demand.

Lets focus on Veganism!

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

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Thank you for listening.


"Dairy" Farmers frigging up New Zealand, dumping dead bodies into internationally renowned wetlands, when "dairy nutrients" (read: shit) isn't runining it fast enough

NZ to export more dead animals with Australian ban ( Supply and Demand)

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