Saturday, April 30, 2011

Latest INVSOC stencils on Ammo Tin

I plan on using an ex Army ammo tin as a storage case/ "briefcase" for Vegan materials, pamphlets, leaflets, business cards etc.  It should be useful when tabling (when I begin!), and truly, an example of "swords into ploughshares" (MJ, Heal The World cued up to the lyric), of turning something involved in violence, in storing bullets, in lethal weapons into the storage utensil for peace promotion.

They also look cool when stripped back to the metal, and stencilled, and all for Twenty NZD!

Unfortunately... the white paint used for the latest stencil reacted badly to the newer green paint...instantly bubbling and cracking... :-( 

I'm going to buy new white paint, and redo the stencil, the paint will jump right off when I use a little steel wool (vegan! ;-) ) and a white spirit like "meths" or "turps".

It still looks like a nice design, although the green is if made from reptiles skin :-(  :-)

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  1. Good deal for that tin, Jay! And I like the reptile-skin effect in the paint, I'd leave it.
    Still wondering what the mysterious silver object is! ;-D


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