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Episode 51 Giant "Dairy" Monopoly : "No need for regulation, you can trust us!"

Episode 51 Giant "Dairy" Monopoly : "No need for regulation, you can trust us!"

Huge "dairy" monopolies that MIGHT need governmental investigation, Crazy Vegan Parents who let their child die due to wacko "vegan" diets of breastmilk and…. breastmilk…, Transformers 2 mentioning "Vegetarianism", listener email and Americas greatest president offering advice on Vegan advocacy, don't hate others, be nice, you "lose" when you hate others.

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Hello and welcome to episode 51 :  "Giant Dairy Monopoly : "No need for regulation, you can trust us!"

So whats on the agenda today?

I'm not sure if I've read these two emails before, I'd like to do them right now, so I don't forget AGAIN!
Deborah note

"Hi Jay!! I have been listening to your podcasts for some time and thought I would take a bit of time to say “hello”. I am a youngish lady from California who is an ethical/abolitionist vegan. I wanted to let you know that your podcasts have touched me in a very positive way. From well across the world your voice rings through my I pod… I feel a certain kinship with you and your chicken friends. It warms my heart to hear someone (especially a man) admit that they have deep lasting feelings toward someone that is not of our species. All animals are interconnected in their love of life and intelligence. I am hoping this brief note finds you well. Oh, can I be an honorary member of your vegan clan????
Listening and writing-

Deborah is a nurse at a Californian state prison, you meet all kinds of people while promoting Veganism, I attended a cooking class, I was allowed to get up in front of the group of twelve or so, with my iPad, and wearing a "Its easy to be Vegan" shirt made by the lovely Emmy James of Hamilton, New Zealand, and I showed a few photos of what my friends around the world are doing.  I showed photos from Alice Leonard, of Angel Food www.angelfood.co.nz, of Elizabeth Collins cooking, Sam Tuckers, a CafĂ© Gratitude location in California, and my own simple meals.
On the walk home, in my cheerful vegan shirt, carrying bags for my own show, and Elizabeth Collins NZ Vegan Podcast (www.nzveganpodcast.blogspot.com), I met a Buddhist nun in the Otepuni Gardens. I recognized her robes, similar to what you often see the Dalai Lama in, and mentioned the cooking class.  I gave her one of my Invercargill Vegan Society cards, and we exchanged a few words.  It was a nice feeling, I'd picked up a few beer bottles and cans on my way over to her, a Vegan and a nun, sitting in the Otepuni Gardens, where earlier that morning, as in 2am or so, there would have been roving gangs for young hoodlums, binge drinking, getting in fights, shooting themselves up with drugs, and, for a bit of fun,  smashing bottles over each others heads.

Also a letter from Allan, who mentions the Australian idiots Hamish and Andy, with "Hamish" having to be shortened to "H'ame", six letter names are verboten in Australia.   The radio guys had been making some jokes at my cities expense, while they were here, one of them starring in a movie about white trash idiots, so of course the movie had to be set here in Invercargill, where the Vegan Society has one member (although at least a few other Vegans apparently live here and will soon be chloroformed and dragged into membership)

"Hi Jay (or G'Day !!!) (way to rhyme allan, with lyrical skills like that y'all make a kill-lan")

Congratulations on your podcast , I think Barbara's Veganacious podcast and your
podcast are two best podcasts on veganism.
Please don't think all Australians are like those two radio DJ's !
I have been to Invercargill. It was in January 1968 and I was on a
schoolboys' cricket tour, that I was lucky enough to be selected in. The tour
started in Auckland and we played all over New Zealand.
What I can remember of Invercargill was that it was was bloody cold in January
!!! I will always remember the tour for the friendliness of the families that I
was billeted with.

I am 60 and have been a vegan for around 12 years, I was a vegetarian before
that for about 5 years. Like most I just moved through the various stages and
then realised that the only way to go was to  become a vegan.  I am always
astounded at how people spend hours saving a beached whale and whether succesful
or not, then go off patting themselves on the back to have a meal at McDonalds
or go home and eat some shellfish that has been boiled alive !!.

Looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts.
Kind regards

Thank you very much to both Debra and Allan.  Its always nice to hear that someones listening out there. 

I'd love to have more feedback about last episode, the pilot for my new show idea, "This Week In Vegan".  For now I'll let the idea simmer, perhaps, with enough interest, it can go ahead.  If you listen to this show, hello!  I'd love to hear from you, as in see an email you've sent.  My email address is jaywontdart@gmail.com , j a y w o n t d a r t @gmail.com

Heres a good story:

"Fed Farmers take Funny out of Funny Farm

funny thing happened on the way to the "first-ever funniest farming video competition".
Federated Farmers announced today that it was offering an iPad 2 for the funniest farming video - then it retracted the announcement.
It later issued a PC version of the press release, editing out advice by the federation's chief executive, Conor English, that: "Like most other workplaces, sometimes we all just need to let off some steam, let down our hair and take the piss out of ourselves".
His exhortation that "it's about time everyone had a laugh" was also removed, along with a mention that "New Zealand as a whole has had a rough time of it lately".
His suggestion that "we are all guilty of taking ourselves too seriously from time to time" was also taken out.
Instead, would-be competitors were given the more po-faced: "Farming is critical to New Zealand success, but our rural areas are also the source of many light-hearted events".
The competition - for townies and their country cousins - closes on May 31."

Lots of common rural New Zealand   speak there.

Hmm, I'd never thought of it before, but all Federated Farmers really are is a LOBBY GROUP, that petitions the New Zealand government for even MORE favors.

I'm saving the others for a future episode, but here, I cant resist using a clip from King of the Hill, I love Dale, the wacky conspiracy theorist, my favourite character by far, he offers the single best Halloween costume EVER, dressed in a suit and tie and saying

I know what I'd be dressing up as this year, that is, if we had american celebrations here, like throwing toilet paper and things that come from a Ms Hens backside at those who don't give you enough lollies.

Hey, if you want to hear a really funny joke though, check out this next news story

Yes, Fonterra, or as Sam Tucker put, Fon TERROR, surely one of New Zealands largest groups, a monopoly, a cabal on the stolen breast milk taken from mother cows industry telling us "hey guys, ha, nah, we're all good, you don't need to regulate us, or check out our books, we're just a gigantic monopoly involved in an unethical industry, you can trust us….."

Because we all know Fonterra have always been known for being polite, and to to the point.

Seen in the video, a farm worker pushes the cows as they are milked, shoving them, and then reaches for a plastic pipe, taking a step towards them as if to lunge and give 'em a flogging.

I asked about "The Stick" on the Farming Messageboard section of Trademe, New Zealands largest site, a sort of eBay clone.  Wading through the comments about the my supposed sexuality, heres the best answer given, by one "fatboyswife"

"That "Stick" is generally made of alkathene pipe.  Its like an "arm lengthener" lol, you can lightly tap the side of a cow further up their body (where your arm cant reach).  If you don't get the cow standing in the correct place, they can be dangerous (as in, they'll have too much room and be able to kick or turn around and send cups flying around everywhere).

The Stick isn't the problem… its the user that can potentially be"

Great, so in a country where we are against "physical discipline" of children, ie smacking, or spanking them, a big outroar about "banning smacking", we carry around lengths of plastic pipe to quote "lightly tap" farm animals.  Riiiiight.  And what will happen if "they don't do what they are told"?  I'm sure the farmers never hit them harder, right?

Everything to do with the so called "dairy" industry is awful.  I wouldn't run a campaign "ban The Stick and spoil the cows", we'd be here all day imagining new terms, "factory pipe beating", to waste millions of donated dollars, and years of campaigning, "New Zealand's clean green image is important to us, why jeopardize that by assaulting chattel property?  Open handed spanking is Temple Grandin endorsed, and far more humane.  Lets not be CRUEL guys!"

No, lets instead promote Veganism.  Although, as we all know, thats hazardous to small children:

"Vegans charged after death of breastfed-only baby"

"Two strict vegans have been charged with "neglect or food deprivation" after the death of their breastfed 11-month-old daughter.
The child was found to have been suffering from vitamin deficiency.
The French couple, Sergine and Joel Le Moaligou called an ambulance to their home in Saint-Maulvis in March 2008. Their daughter had died by the time paramedics arrived.
The ambulance crew noticed the baby was pale and thin and a doctor refused to issue a death certificate, according to The Guardian. The police were then alerted.
A postmortem showed the child weighed 5.7kg when she should have been about 8kg.
She was also suffering from deficiency of vitamins A and B12.
At the time of their daughter's death, the couple was running an organic food business and refused to eat any animal products. The child was then only being fed only on her 37-year-old mother's milk.
She died of a pneumonia-related illness.

Being over opinionated, I left a comment:

"Its sad to see these stories being played up. 

I've heard "Vegan bashing" from reported incidents of "Vegan fed babies", who were raised by religious parents in communes, fed only apples!  "Oh, its technically Vegan, lets blame Veganism!"  I'd be blaming crappy parenting :-)

Please get in touch with your local Vegan society, I'm sure there are many families who'd be happy to show you that "Vegans do not force their children to eat solely apples/rocks/chewing gum wrappers/breastmilk forever" :-)

My American friend Lucas has a great blog, Our Vegan Pregnancy:

Its as easy to be Vegan as not, and its the *least* other animals deserve, not to be seen as "things", as an "it", but respected as our friends.

If you are interested in learning more about Veganism, please visit http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/

Like adults who drink breast milk, theres a time to be weaned! :-)  http://vegetarier-sind-moerder.de/abgestillt/?page=english

Jordan Wyatt
Invercargill Vegan Society

But, I always screw these things up, I should have rephrased the ending, "theres a time to be weaned, and that includes adults who drink breast milk !" with the link to the We Are Weaned site.

I also had a letter to the Southland Express newspaper published too, because my self righteousness knows no limits, I always put myself in character, here, I'm an old crank, living off the government but feeling seriously underappreciated by the world, everyone else owes me something.  And in that style, heres the abridged letter that was printed:

Like the pen apparently beats the sword, in this case making love, not war, won out. 

Hmm, maybe I can pull off doing different characters, ringing up local talkback stations to complain, people paying attention would notice that "theres an old guy, a student, and a woodworker in that Vegan Society we have here in Invercargill".  Yeah, I'd always identify myself as "jordan wyatt", but with different voices, couldn't that be heard as different people, ie, more than one guy?  The Invercargill Vegan Society already has established chapters in Auckland, New Zealand, Texas, America, and Ireland, Europe, surely we can do with split personalities calling in Invercargill media outlets?

Another idea I had for promoting Veganism, I've noticed different groups that nobodies ever heard of who donate trees to the city, these trees in public parks have a plaque by them, "This tree planted by Soroptmist International to commemorate the year 2000" etc.

Turns out "Soroptmist International", from Wikipedia

"is a world-wide volunteer service organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. Through their General (Category One) Consultative Status as a non-governmental organization at the United Nations, the organization claims to seek equality, peace, and international goodwill. The Mission Statement of the organization is:
Through international partnerships and a global network of members, Soroptimists inspire action and create opportunities to transform the lives of women and girls by: Advocating for equity and equality; Creating safe and healthy environments; Increasing access to education; Developing leadership and practical skills for a sustainable future."

The term apparently comes from the Latin Soror or "sister", and optimus "best", meaning, uh, "best for sisters"

Well, I'll be damned if New Zealand girls are to be taught reading and writing in MY lifetime!  We're running this country unsustainably, four million population, its not like we need females to sustain the population, right?  Just so long as we all live forever, no running with scissors guys, then we neither become overpopulated, nor extinct.  See, this is why the UN pay me the big bucks.

I think it would be quite nice to have a tree planted in my favourite park, "This tree donated by the Invercargill Vegan Society:  towards a world where everyone is called friend as a suffix" , white letters carved into black stone.  The world would be a better place if we all called otherAnimals something - friend, ie Chicken Friend, Hen Friend, Peep Peep Friend, Mr Rooster Friend and so on. 

Hey, know whats "manly"?  Being 90 kilograms in weight, 1.95 Metres tall and killing animals weighing one or two kg's, and well below your knee in height.  Yeah man, the KFC Double Down burger is coming to NZ!

Thats the one where none of that unhealthy bread is used, instead its a burger made from deep fried or grilled flesh on top and bottom, with a bunch of crap, not literal crap, in between.  Of course the corporations fine print mentions, from the New Zealand Herald:

"The KFC New Zealand website recommends "eating sensibly, combined with appropriate exercise, is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle".

The KFC Australia Facebook page includes a countdown to the release of the new burger.
"April is the month of mantime from KFC. A time where testosterone reigns supreme. Where we all dive face-first into man stuff deemed 'stupid' by our female friends," a message reads.
"So, put down that manbag, pick up the X Box controller, strap on your go-kart helmet and get ready for the month that makes you remember how good it is to be a man!"

Yeah, because all men are fat and dumb, right?  Half the population is Homer Simpson, while our Marge's shake their heads at our gluttony and crayon up nose induced idiocracy.

A couple clips from recent No Agenda and This Week in Tech Podcasts

<"Fur", TWiT, NA "dictator hat">

Its actually quite common for New Zealand "fur" and "leather" to be sent overseas, to be used in expensive clothing made from skin.  Baby animals, those who are aborted naturally or otherwise are often used, "slink skins", these are collected on farms, thrown into reeking piles of the dead, and then processed into, well, expensive clothing made from skin. 

Theres no ethical difference between the apparently softer skin from aborted fetuses, or the hair free skin from animals killed as adults.

Last coverage of this nonstory, ok, so remember the false teeth I found, belonging to a slaughterman, and the photo I showed the reporter was published as a newspaper cover?  Well, yet more coverage came from it.  A winner was found in the competition to share stories about needing new false teeth, and a man who's lived decades without any teeth will now be given a set.  Its a nice feeling that my odd little photo has resulted in publicity for the denture company, the slaughterman got his teeth back, and another guy will also have a new set of shiny white plastic in his mouth. 

And all from being over opinionated, taking lots of photos and sharing them around.  Yeah, part of me thought it would be like in Spiderman, where photographers get given the big bucks

Hmm, I'll skip on the flesh thanks, got any Tofu?

But that movie came out in 2002, and its 2011.  Mainstream Media has gone down the crapper since, I'm trying to use the word crap as much as possible this episode, they don't have any money or Tofu to give away to people who give them a cover photo, and future material for three more issues! 

I mentioned the slaughterman put forty dollars in my hand, that was nice, I didn't want it from him, but its a little hard to argue with a guy over it when he's standing on your driveway, asking to come inside to wash the now rain washed away vomit off his false teeth, and you want this epic saga over and done.

I'm thrilled the mighty Invercargill Vegan Society got mentioned though, its always great to get the word VEGAN mentioned in a newspaper.  I don't think I'd ever heard the term Vegan before I WAS myself Vegan.  I do believe if I had met Vegans before, that I would have been curious, and become Vegan at an earlier age.  Coverage of the issues will get us there.  And an almost trivial amount of effort, wearing badges, or carrying a bag that says "Vegan" on it turns you into a walking billboard for the cause.

An example of Vegetarianism mentioned in a somewhat recent movie, Transformers, Revenge of The Fallen.

I thought the assassin nympho chick was a Kesha cameo

You can tell the song is a made up story, it came out in 2009, and what young person, brushing their teeth with hard alcohol or not, listens to audio cds?  If they did, it certainly wouldn't be around their friends, its embarrassing!  These days its all about the iPods and the iPhones, streaming music over 3G.

OK, so her big break through song "Tik Tok" technically came out a month or two after the movie, big deal, you know how product placement is, and apparently Transformers 2 had the most product placement of any movie.  Its obvious that the reptilian elites who control the world woke up In The Morning, next to a bottle of jack, why not, and decided to promote both the terrible movie and the terrible pop star.

Well, she wasnt Kesha, it was some Australian actress, who happens to be "Vegetarian", Transformers 2, aka the worst movie ever, seriously, how can a naval rail gun instantly charge and blow up a gigantic monster scaling a pyramid in less than a couple seconds?  It didn't even have to aim, and it must have been far away from said gigantic robot monster made from diggers and bulldozers and cranes… one of the most detailed CG monsters in history, that apparently had huge render times… and they were blown apart in a couple seconds?  BOOM, thats it?

The movie's redeeming feature is its mentions of killing animals as being "nasty", and for dropping the little V word, Vegetarian, heres to a world where more blockbuster, but crap, movies talk about the Big V word, VEGANISM

Kids, listen to Optimus Prime in the first movie:

Like the giant robot who beats up other giant robots, because they're The Bad Guys remember, just said, Go Vegan!

Speaking of violence though, its always important to keep our cool when disagreeing with others.  I've noticed a few other Vegans getting very angry, or, at least COMING ACROSS as very angry.  I get very passionate about the subject, I have some skin in the game, so to speak, I look after my Chicken Friends, and yet we kill some 49 Billion Chickens each year.  For what?  Tradition?  Perceived fun?  I don't like being around my other, HUMAN friends while they eat, because it seems more than likely they eat part of a Chicken each and every day, a Chicken really no different than those who are my friends.

No matter how awful "Non Veganism" is, I try my best to always be calm.  Especially in text, and when talking with Non Vegans, any thing we say CAN and WILL be used against US.  I get more depressed seeing aggressive Vegans apparently fighting and bickering with Non Vegans than I do when I hear of Non Vegans who talk about eating animals.  We're a very small portion of society, I mean, the Invercargill Vegan Society has chapters world wide, but sometimes I forget, we're kinda tiny in Invercargill.  In my city of 50,000, I know of about 5 Vegans, I've met one young woman here who said she was Vegan, and heard of about four others who are apparently out there, living amongst us.  We shouldn't appear to attack others for not being Vegan, which, in their eyes, might seem bizarre and utterly impossible. 

Its times like this we should chill out, and listen to Americas greatest president, I mean, you guys have sooo many great ones to pick from, they all lie, start wars, deny citizens healthcare, set up their business buddies with billion dollar deals, cheat on their wives, mutilate the English language, even the already bashed up "American English" variant…

Well, as Sir Nixon said

Great words Mr President.

However, if things go REALLY bad, you can politely leave an online conversation, or gently move the topic while talking in person.  If the other person isn't listening, and is not going to listen, trying to scream over them "MEAT IS MURDER, YOU'RE A MURDERER, YOU'RE A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PERSON FOR KILLING MY CHICKEN FRIENDS!" will get us nowhere.  When I speak with someone I disagree with, I genuinely want them to agree with me by the time we've each said our piece.  Whats the fun in beating someone up, making them look stupid in front of others?  When I talk online, if I give answers that are too polished, or with too many links, "cant ya think for yaself…", people really don't like that, they don't like being made to feel like you've really thumped them, like you think they are very, very stupid, and that you're sooooo much smarter.  I find this when talking about Veganism with Non Vegans, and when talking with Vegans who promote Welfare Reforms, when I believe we should be promoting Veganism.  My aim is to make people like me, I'm so desperate to be liked you know, and to agree with my argument.  I don't get out of bed every morning to have a screaming match, via text, with some 12 year old on the other side of the world.  I have better things to do with my life.  Ah, see, I threw that in as an example, it would be bad of me to say that, "whatever, I have better things to do with my life than talk with you, you don't get it".  Instead, I'd say "its been nice talking about Veganism with you, I'd better go outside into the Southland sun and see my Chicken Friends.  Take care".     If the conversation is going nowhere, and fast, its better to end it on your own terms, nicely,  end the conversation with class.

Well, you were right there, not in your lifetime at least. Tupac Shakur, June 16th 1971 - September 13th 1996.  That was a really long time ago.

As Mr Pac said, Keep Ya Head up, keep carrying bags for NZ Vegan Podcast and the Invercargill Vegan Society, wear your little "I'm Vegan and I love you!" badges on your work overalls, proudly model an Emmy James Original "Its easy to be Vegan" shirt, and carry some cheap business cards for your one man Vegan society band with you wherever you go.  We can always be ready to promote Veganism to those who are willing to listen, and those who are not yet ready to hear us out?  Well, we just have to wait for the orbital satellite V Ray to take care of them.  Oh wait, that wasn't Nixon, that was Mr Ray-gun

We can do our best to promote Veganism, and have fun along the way.  I know I'm glad for all the friends I've made promoting Veganism.

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

You can find the script for this episode, as well as downloads for every episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals at coexisting with nonhuman animals . blogspot.com

To show off how fancy I am, I've been using Bit Ly links for each episode, a shortcut to each episodes script and sources.  Just go to www.bit.ly/coexist49, for episode 49.  Episode 48 was bit.ly/coexist48, 47 was bit.ly/coexist47, and so on.

If you want to contact me, even just to say you listened, send an email to jaywontdart@gmail.com, or on Twitter, twitter.com/ j a y w o n t d a r t,  I'd appreciate it.

Thank you for listening.


Vegan clothing, badges mentioned! 

Its Easy to be Vegan shirt! by Emmy James

Invercargill Vegan Society Business Cards

Invercargill Vegan Society wallet photos

Zazzle store Coexisting Bags and badges

Work Overalls badges

Federated Farmers cancel iPad giveaway, "PC" the press release


Fonterra "don't need to check up on us"


"Baby killed by STRICT VEGAN diet"


"Double Down" NZ "manliness"

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