Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rescued Hens, package from Cyndi, Dan's cake! :-) PHOTOS

What a day!

Heres a piece of the cake INVSOC member Dan gave me, well done with this fruitcake Dan! :-)

You may remember my epic saga in meeting Dan, the first other Vegan I met who *also* lived in Invercargill :-)

Also, a package from listener and INVSOC member Cyndi Rook arrived all the way from Texas!  Thank you Cyndi!

Also, before getting Black Chick back from the Vet clinic (Yellow Hen is still very, very ill, they were sick of being together in the recovery cage, Black Chick is fine, went with her sister for company), I asked my friend Sharon if I could borrow two of their rescued, ex battery Hens.  George and Sharon visit a local "Battery farm", asking for older Hens, giving them a place to live out their lives.  The workers bring them out by their legs, they hang upside down in a terrible state, having being wrenched from their cages.  I'm very grateful that Sharon would let two of them stay with me, to enjoy living here, to keep Black Chick company.  I hope Yellow Hen will recover from the cats attack, and also meet our new friends.

Black Chick is honestly HALF as tall as they are!  She was very panicked after coming home from the vet clinic in a box, she seemed quiet and terrified, she'd been in a strange car, with a dog.  I held her up, to introduce her to the new Hens, keeping her a safe distance away, so they could see each other.  I placed her up higher than the new Hens, so she could look down at them, and she boldly walked down a ramp, to eat grain amongst them - WHILE KEEPING HERSELF PUFFED UP!  She wanted to be the Alpha (fe)Male :-)

I'm finding it hard to get used to these new Hens, (having known them for all of a few hours), they are twice the height of the Bantam Chickens I've been caring for these last few years, and much "thinner".  Their bodies have uncomfortable angles, they are still missing many feathers, and appear to have suffered greatly through their horrible, horrible lives being treated as commodities.  To see them really brings home all the awful things we do to other animals.

Sharon suggested they may well grow back their feathers living here, and be close to whole again.

I hope they will love living here as truly free Hens, and that they can be joined by more in the future!

Thank you once again to Dan for her cake, and Cyndi for a T shirt, zine and postcard from the other side of the world, Texas, USA :-)


  1. Where's MY picture!!! Do I have to send fruit cake to seek fame and fortune on Coexisting!!!?

    I want to meet your chickens some day!

  2. Hi Corey! I havnt made the page yet :-)

    I promise you, next time you're in Invercargill, New Zealand, you can TOTALLY meet the Chicken Friends in person ("in Animal"?) :-)


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