Sunday, September 25, 2011

INVSOC Badges colour choice narrowed down :-)

Its between these two colours, which should I go with?  The lighter "Vibrant Green", or the darker "Formal Green"?

Current INVSOC membership badges actually use "Vibrant Green" for the large coin, "Formal Green" for the small badge.

The lighter "Vibrant Green" looks better in darker surroundings, but is very florescent-esque in bright light.  "Formal Green" is more classical?  Formal?  Jaguar E Type in British Racing Green-like?

I'm leaning towards both in the darker "Formal Green", while the lighter colour often looks good in dim light, the "Formal Green" will be a better fit, replacing the growling pussycat badge on my future Time Travelling, flying, Love Powered Jaguar E Type :-)

I'll hopefully make a (poor) decision soon, so more can be sent out :-)

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