Friday, July 1, 2011

INVSOC mentioned in The Eye, "Non Vegan" ads

The Invercargill Vegan Society is mentioned in The Eye, a free Invercargill newspaper that covers upcoming events.  I'd love to hear from other Animal Rights activists in Invercargill RE attending the National Animal Rights Conference 2011, held in Auckland.  

Also included in this issue of The Eye, lots of wacky "Non Vegan" ads, here are but two:

Fish Guts make everything better, two for the price of one!  Who WOULDNT want this product?!?!?!

Danger, Danger Will Robinson - terrible "Twitter Generation/Telegram era" spelling ahead!

Gerald in Marketing : "Right, so who's our target demographic...I KNOW!  White guys wearing black vests, facepaint, camo gloves and did I mention facepaint?  OH, and they're usually pissed off, so make it about "madness", and make the sale banners look like police cordon tape, you know, like "have you just killed, skinned, preserved and eaten your partner?  To celebrate, buy your tenth gun from us!"

Also advertised, a long jacket that mentions "will keep your ears warm", because THATS the largest problem with Manly Men killing other animals for kicks in the early morn, cold ears, right?

Gee, us silly Vegans sure are missing out!

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