Monday, July 11, 2011

Hell Pizza "Sinister", a Vegan pizza and FEATURED as Vegan!

Hell Pizza is a New Zealand wide chain (apparently taking on The Rest Of The World) known for "in your face" marketing, just the use of the HELL theme is enough to get New Zealands (admittedly small) Whiny Christian Groups (not all Christians are whiny) complaining (Whiny Christian Groups, email me, ) "oh, it encourages people that hell is a nice place, with cartoon demons showing their boobs..."

While I'd personally not see the objectification of female demons while I order fast food, I thought I should FINALLY order a "Sinister", the all Vegan pizza thats actually featured as such! A couple other Pizzas have a "V" for Vegetarian next to them, whatever "Vegetarian" might mean, the "Sinister" literally has a "VEGAN" next to the name in fairly large letters! ALL RIGHT!

Veganism is mainstream, the term appears in a fast food menu! :-)

Starring Refried Beans, Avocado, Onions, Salsa, Tomatoes, Jalpeno Peppers and Capsicum, with the added note of "comes without cheese", I give the Sinister high marks!

Ouch, it scorched my thumb! (may contain traces of overspray from a geocache tin I've stencilled)

Now to get rid of all the Non Vegan items, the television ads that have cartoon lambs frolicking about (seen or unseen), later heard "fried alive" and offered "available now at Hell Pizza!"....


  1. That looks like a helluva good pizza, Jordan! I'm going to try avocados as a topping next time ...

  2. Ordering tonight! As well as trying the new Quorn range. Really can't wait, the Sinister is my favourite.
    These pictures make me wish it was dinner time allready!


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