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Episode 60 Only Vegan in the Village

Episode 60 Only Vegan In The Village

The only Vegan in Invercargill….well, not quite…Keeping Mothers Trapped in Cages, "they love it, eating and nursing their children is ALL they do!" and preparations for the National Animal Rights Conference 2011 :-)

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Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, number 60 in fact, a special episode indeed!

This will be the last episode I record before boarding a plane from Invercargill to Christchurch, halfway up the South Island of New Zealand, then a further plane to Auckland, for the National Animal Rights Conference 2011!  I'm very excited, I'll be able to meet all the Vegan friends I've made online, such as Elizabeth Collins of NZ Vegan Podcast, William Paul and Emmy James.  Oh, and theres some three day thing as well, bunch of people speaking, free food already included in the ticket price, but it FEELS free at the time, thats what matters!

Heres an announcement about the Conference on the Wellington based radio show Animal Rights and Wrongs:

It worked for me, I'm going up on the 20th of this month, a few days now :-)

Ok, so this episode isn't THAT special, I just have a few clips to share, nothing big.

I noticed the "This Is My Next" podcast mentioned Veganism, this is a general tech show, surely listened to by hundreds of thousands, its great that they KNOW what Vegan means, and that they'd we'd effectively get a little bit of advertising, although there was an assumption that these "Vegan marshmallows" would be gross without all those yummy bits of skin and hooves we all crave

I was really surprised to hear the V word in one of the Non Animal Rights shows I subscribe to, just shows we're growing as a movement!

I also listened to the audiobook version of 1984, this is from near the end,

<1984, stop after "…like eggs from a hen"

Wait, so you mean female humans will screech if you even come close, and make a kind of ribbeting noise, feathers all sticking up as they try and peck you?  They'll literally fight to the death to protect their eggs, their growing children?

Good old Socialism, eh?  

I'm a big "believer" in Richard Dawkins, this is from his "Root of all Evil" two part special, after he'd visited a megachurch in America, the leader man got all flustered, and apparently snapped, Ted Haggard,  later found out to be doing all kinds of drugs, and, after railing against homosexuality, he was having all kinds of affairs with his "massage boys".  Dawkins didn't interview him for that, all that stuff came out later, its just interesting, so many of the American religious leaders end up to be heavy drug users, the ones who are all "homosexuals have no heart, they have no pulse…." and all, they turn out to be gay themselves, trying to repress who they truly are.

Thats going to be a clip I keep, to hear world renowned Biologist Richard Dawkins say we are ALL animals, human animals, nonhuman animals, its cool!  I use a clip of Dawkins in my opening, "…you used the word animals, but I suppose what you should have said is Nonhuman Animals….", where he was talking with that kinda Vegan Peter Singer guy.

Signed up as a Butcher, I get emails from our "Pork" Board, when theres another big MEDIA ATTACK, when all those awful Vegans who run every current affairs show, television network, radio station and newspaper in the country ATTACK the poor little Animal Exploitation industries, like by covering shocking "Animal Welfare Breeches".  They're all biased you know, all run by Vegans of course, they should just shut up and say what our PR nonsense shouts, "everything is good, war is peace, freedom (foods) is slavery, ignorance is strength…

Here the show "Whats In Our Food" or "what the hell are we eating" or "the things in our stuff", whatever its called, they covered a little how "Pork" is grown.  Its pretty sick listening to it, when they talk about mothers and their babies, they don't mention how we FORCE them into pregnancy multiple times each year, how we KILL their children at about four months old according to the program, its "slaughter" which isn't shown….how do we do this to other animals?  Honestly, its gross to watch.

I'd like to play this bit, where "Pork" Board CEO Sam McIvor, the guy who has to front up for every Welfare Expose, all the screaming pigs overdubbed, the cockroaches running up the walls, all that evil "Factory Farming" stuff, here he brushes off any suggestions that being kept in a cage, practically unable to move for her whole life would make a mother upset.

This was as sanitized as could be, this glimpse of "Factory farming" systems was a spotless white cubicle, from what we could see, with a clean heat lamp and fan above the nearly new looking "stall", the friggin CAGE in Non Politically Correct language.  The bars had a sort of "handle bar" on each side that went in, so the Mother pig wouldn't be able to turn around back there, it would essentially lock her rear legs upright, a little like training wheels on a childs bike, to keep her upright and stable.  

And this idea of "oh yeah nah, she bloody loves that stuff, eating, lying down and having these little pink buggers sucking on her all day, thats ALL she wants out of life…"

That clip, shortened a little, will join my other favorites that I keep close at hand, for replaying, such as the chairman of our colossal Dairy corporation Fonterra trying to avoid the question of abortions on pregnant Cows, to get the damn byproduct baby out of there as quick as possible

There now, wasn't that easy enough?  And Chariman Van Der Heyden gets over $250,000 dollars a year for that position alone, hey hey hey hey, na na na na na na ….the CEO of Fonterra makes over a million and a half dollars a year, plus bonuses, that works out to nearly a hundred thousand New Zealand dollars a WEEK.

And lovable dairy farmer Alan Crafar, the man who got over 200 million dollars in debt, multiple cases of polluting rivers with shit….I mean, "dairy nutrients", and having animals starving to death, babies locked in sheds without food because it was cheaper than feeding them, hear him sharing his love of other animals

Back to the "Whats in Our Food" show, underfoot was a rubber anti slip matting, the whole place looked awful, just seeing it for half a minute on screen, let alone being trapped, practically unable to move, standing on rubber, surrounded by metal bars, white shining walls….and thats the BEST the "Pork Board" could come up with, an obviously non typical example, when we've all seen how most Pig Farms are dark, damp shitholes, literally, flies, maggots, cockroaches and rusty metal cages.  This time, the cage was blindingly white, the metal bars WERENT rusty, and the crap covered concrete floor was BRAND NEW rubber.

The Host later visited a more typical pig farm that had closed, it was what we're used to seeing, and she stood in one cage, stating how it made her feel so sad.  A later price comparison showed some common packaged pig corpses and their price, that "The Happy Corpse" cost nearly twice the price of "The Cruel, Evil, Factory Farmed Flesh", and that she would personally be buying the ethical choice, …..

I really feel we're doing a great job just by promoting Veganism, telling the truth about how we feel towards others, that we DONT agree with hurting and killing 56 Billion other animals each and every year, for our traditions, perceived pleasure and profit.

The last thing I'd like to share on this Non Special episode, I FINALLY ordered the Vegan pizza "Sinister", available from Hell Pizza.  This New Zealand Pizza company is pretty cool, they have a "hell" theme which upsets our religious community every now and then, the cardboard pizza boxes have a cut out section on the top and bottom that folds into a coffin, "for your remains", and they do stunts such as buying a guys soul for a couple thousand dollars.  

They also advertise when baby lambs are born, and killed each year, cartoon ads with skipping baby sheep bouncing about, and then apparently being killed off camera so that "Lamb now on the menu!" can be advertised.

BUT, they also have a featured VEGAN pizza, as well as the three "Vegetarian", with dairy cheese by default pizzas, they have the labelled VEGAN "Sinister", I've taken photos of it on my blog,

Gee, its great having a Vegan pizza readily available, oh, if I only had someone to share it with, rather than sadly walking home, through the rain, uphill both ways….all alone here in Invercargill….", The Only Vegan in the Village, theres no other Vegans here you no, nope, not at all, just me, and thats that, just like that poor Daffyd from Little Britain, all alone too, no other homosexuals in his hamlet.

Well, ok, so theres like TWO other Vegans here, isn't that cool?  Its not like there could POSSIBLY be any more than the three of us….

There we go, so far, the Invercargill Vegan Society has FOUR full, living in Invercargill, Vegan members!  We also have LOTS of honorary members around the world, who are JUST as valid, although its kind of nice having numbers here, for participation in parades and the like, might have to work on those in the future.

I'd like to thank Natalie, Ricky and Dan for all contacting me, for getting in touch, and being my Vegan friends who ALSO live in my city, Invercargill at the bottom of New Zealand.  There are Vegans EVERYWHERE, even at the bottom of the world.

As I've mentioned on the Invercargill Vegan Society website,, INVSOC, the southern most Vegan Society in the world!

Tiny print at the bottom of the page:

"***actual southernmost Vegan Society status unproven, however, my version of Google Maps mentions “Here Be Monsters” in places further south, and we all know how much Nessie likes the taste of herbivorous flesh, so until man (or woman) lands on Bluff,Stewart Island, Antartica, tip of South America… INVSOC holds the title, deal with it “South Pole Vegan Association“, you’re technically ineligible anyway.

I'm very excited to be flying up to Auckland in a few days, as long as the planes don't crap out, that I'm not stuck on some South Pacific desert island…. with an obese guy called Hurley who only puts on weight throughout the seasons stranded on that rock…hmm, like Ricky Gervais suggested, 

But that doesn't happen in real life…………  right?

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

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Thank you for listening.

Ted Haggard, church guy who snapped at Dawkins, later "turned out to be gay", OH NO!  Then "got therapy to CURE his homosexuality…", used drugs etc...

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