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Episode 61 Auckland Antics

Episode 61 Auckland Antics

Meeting other longtime Vegan (online) friends Emmy James, Elizabeth Collins and William Paul in person, the National Animal Rights Conference 2011, the big lights of Auckland, New Zealand, population 1.3 million (in a country of FOUR million), which has just a few more Vegans than Invercargill, New Zealand, population 50,000 :-)

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Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, the premier show of the Invercargill Vegan Society, coming to you from Invercargill, New Zealand, bottom of the world, and quite possibly the southernmost Vegan society in the entire world.

This episode, I'd like to play my diary entries, recorded in audio form, from a recent trip to Auckland, the near top of New Zealands North Island.  And yes, the North Island is physically "up", further north, than the South Island on which I live at.

I flew 1100 kilometers to attend the National Animal Rights Conference 2011, but, more importantly, to meet many Vegan friends in person, including Emmy James, William Paul, and Elizabeth Collins, of NZ Vegan Podcast.

In fact, in the case of Elizabeth, I even got a hug

Here are my dairy entries, recorded in a tiny hotel room late at night, by the way, during the end of the first recording, I realized how paper thin the walls were, that I DIDNT want to bad mouth the hotel with management possibly listening….recording these, I was no doubt keeping the entire floor awake, just as bad as the huge fat guy next door watching bad sci fi on his laptop, "…the year is 3069, all the men have died…except for one nerdy gentleman who has his pick of all Earths most beautiful ladies, on the condition he repopulate the planet….", 

oh, and the woman literally metres away from my room, who had a huge fight on the phone the first night, using the Eff Word literally a hundred times, I heard a snippet "…the last thing I remember…is you hitting my head against…." and that when the phone call was over, I didn't go over and offer help because she apparently had a "friend" staying with her, the very next night… I found out her "female friend" was a little more than just a friend, as they became very…intimate…and vocal….with one of the drunken lesbians slurring to the shower "babe…illgettabottleawine and shagyaallnight…."

Yes, fun times in Auckland,  New Zealand, and with that mental image, may I present to you a series of recordings featuring a strange young man talking into an iPhone headset late at night, in a very small, lime green, white and purple painted hotel room

Spoiler alert, I caught the correct planes and made it back to Invercargill.

I had a great time meeting my friends Elizabeth, Emmy and William, as well as so many others, Chris Noaro, Debra Ashton, Carl Scott, Amanda Broughton, Susan Elias….

Yes, its fair to say there were more than a handful of Vegans in Auckland, I wasn't the only vegan in THAT village :-)

The New Zealand National Animal Rights conference DID have a strong welfare message, theres only one way to change that, for New Zealand Vegans to get out there and promote Veganism, like Elizabeth Collins, William Paul and now Emmy James of Auckland, out there on the street with Vegan pamphlets, and hopefully little Jordan Wyatt, with his precious show and Chicken Friends, to tell the message of how we love our Chicken Friends, that we want them to be respected, that they, as other animals, matter, and not because of the cute peeping noise they make on the day of hatching, as demonstrated by this old recording from my Original iPhone

Thank you very much for listening to my show.

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If you want to contact me, I'd really love to hear from YOU, please send me an email to

Two people who've gotten in touch with me through email are Geoff Chapman, of Australia, and Wendy Hamelin, of Canada, thank you both very much, its lovely to think there are other Vegans out there, all over the world, we're spreading like a plague.

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, Jordan Wyatt, W Y A T T

Thank you for listening.

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  1. I find the idea of these welfare conferences to be a disheartening display of speceisism and defeatism, and I personally want no part of that, ever, nor did I ever once make any indication that I did. So I have no idea why the suggestion was put forward that I would have gone, only I "couldn't" because I was working.

    I am sorry that I even had to come on here and do this, I think it was really unfair and unnecessary to put me in the position of having to do so.

    For the record: this does not mean that I don't think anyone is a nice person.


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