Saturday, May 7, 2011

Killing Ducks : "Man Christmas"

More "great" photos in my local newspaper, covering the start of "Duck Shooting" :
"When you're already shooting other animals for fun, why not throttle a dog while you're at it?"  (and no, its not Ian Mckellen on the right!)

"Dubbed "Man Christmas", to them "duckshooting is bigger than Christmas" and a diary kept since 1964 of their opening morning years imortalises their memories in ink.
The first entry was brief, reading "Shot one duck, which an eel ate", while later ones included more detail and even a story of a near-drowning."

"In their many years of shooting the men claim their best effort was shooting 60 ducks just two hours into the season, but said this weekend would be about tradition, companionship and catching up with old friends.

"We don't see each other throughout the year like we did in younger years so it's a time to get back together – we will still get a few ducks, but it's about enjoying the weekend out," they said."

I hope they can find another way of "enjoying the weekend out", without killing others to get their kicks.  What an excuse that is, too staunch to invite your "mate" over for a DVD?  "Have you seen The Notebook?  Its a beautiful tale of love and romance, the interplay of all our most wonderful emotions..." , no, instead "I know, lets KILL some little birds!"  "Yeah, yeah, that sounds like fun!"

Oh, and did we mention its "Mothers Day" tomorrow, a shameless money gathering artificial event for "holiday card makers" the world over?

Why not combine "Man Christmas" with "Mothers Day", because Men loooove being drunken hicks, killing animals, and women dress in pink, and are freaked out by blood!  Despite being Non Vegan, and cooking the flesh of other birds for Her Man, and wearing the skins of others...

This was the May 7th 2011 cover photo cartoon for The Southland Times:
Not all Southland males are drunken looking hicks...

I've seen some Animal Welfare groups here publicly opposing "Duck Shooting" because "a percentage of birds will always be left wounded", I dont deny this happens, that, gee, some animals will be HURT while the others are KILLED, and isnt it terrible to HURT an animal?

However, lets be clear about our opposition, I'm personally against the shooting of ducks, the shooting of ANYONE for fun, because I think its immoral, how big a man are you if you get your jollies from hurting and killing small animals?

Lets promote Veganism.


  1. I actually don't know how you do it Jordan, living in Southland and remaining not just sane but rational, positive and, well, remain there. Ducks are the most beautiful creatures, if I had to pick a favourite thing that wasn't fejoas or pan flutes it would be ducks.

  2. I know you werent serious about "favourite THING", but living here, I get particular about the terms we call other animals :-)

    As I mentioned on my last episode "so just surrender coz the powers deep inside my soul, sang it! we. are. here. to chaaaaaange theeeee worrrrrrld....we gonna chaaaange the worrrrrllllld girrrrrrl!..." :-)


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