Monday, May 23, 2011

INVSOC poster drafts

Ideas for future A4 INVSOC posters to be printed :-)  I'd love to hear your opinion, I personally like "doubleplusgood" best as a general INVSOC poster.  They all have errors, I'd love help with these designs, the text in particular.


  1. I like the 'doubleplusgood' poster the best too. I think it is the one that will start conversations because people will not be threatened by it in any way and, more importantly, they will be curious about what your message is.

  2. I love your logo and the written content, they are unique and inviting. The two things I would consider changing are the background and the font. I think the monotone black is a little stark and the font doesn't entirely agree with me, I think it's the shape of the lettering.

    I would perhaps add a centre gradient to the background to lighten it up a little to draw attention to the logo. I usually love white on black, (always use that combination in Powerpoints) be good if you did some black on white designs, see how they look.

    Helvetica is one of my favourite fonts, overused but nonetheless is classic and works with practically anything.

    That's my input, just what I would do personally but they are your designs!

  3. Thank you Mr Abolitionist Vegan :-)

    I'll try black on white when I have time, although I really am fond of white on black.

    I use Futura, I've loved it long time. I used Arial for the u and n for the Chicken Friend design, as the Futura lowercase u and n are not "identical", nor recognisable as such, they are more U like, spoiling it!

    Likewise the Futura question mark, which is a bizarre backwards S thing....

    I really do think they will look different on paper than on screen. I'll try one with a background gradient just for you :-) I dont think that would look good on paper though?

    I only have a black and white laser printer, very clear lines, but black and white. It will be ok for practising the background idea.

    I'm planning to have these printed at a local print shop, say, twenty of each to be put up around town in legal areas, and a couple more on A5, laminated to keep with my pamphlets.

    Thanks! :-)

  4. If you want to draw attention to the centre use an outer glow and play with that. Personally I think it is great as is and gradients look like cheap word art and when I see them on a sign they make me want to poke my eyes out g r a d u a l l y

  5. I like the poster with your chicken friends, Jordan. I think the wording is great too. I like all of them though!


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