Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coexist or Coexisting, for that is the question?

I'm seriously considering a shorter domain name, the address used to find my show's site. 

Currently, the "official" is "" , I have several others that "redirect", point to the official address if visited by mistake.

How about something shorter, easier to type?  I own


Which do you prefer?

"Coexist" or "Coexisting"?  I sort of like Coexist, its simple, and can be seen as "live, get along with others, enjoy life", without that -ing on the end :-)

Then again, is it active vs passive?  The act of actually coexist-ING, rather than telling someone, "yeah, it would be nice to coexist some day..."?

And Coexist is different than the shows name, its not COEXIST With Nonhuman Animals, does it make things more complicated to remember?  Dilute "The Brand" ? :-)

I'd love to hear your opinion.



    It's feels more natural, given the name of your podcast.

  2. Thank you edanator :-)

    I've been getting near 50/50 division on this! Part of me personally prefers , however I DO know its different to the strict "Coexisting with..." name of the show :-)

    Thank you for your help Edanator :-)


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