Sunday, March 13, 2011

ONE new "voicemail" needed for pilot :-)

I've got two three (with promise of a fourth) "voicemails" for my new idea, I just need three two *ONE* more to finish the pilot episode!

On my last episode,

I mentioned this new idea, and had two examples of short stories that might be interesting for the *new* show idea.

If you have any interesting stories about Veganism to share, I'd love to have an audio clip from you :-)

The new show would focus on Vegan news of the past week, it would aim to have five guests clips featured, each lasting over one minute, under five minutes in length.  With an intro, minor narration about each voicemail from me (or another host), and an outro, it would be roughly 25 minutes in length.

Short and accessible for everyone, while offering variety.

If the show goes ahead, it would be best if people could email me, send in a clip from that week, and it would be included in the weeks episode.  News about Veganism from that week, a weekly show.

Ideas suggested in Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals episode 49 were a Vegan meeting you attended, your thoughts on a current Animal Rights/Welfare issue, a Vegan t shirt you'd bought, a protest you'd seen, a new documentary, a conversation about Veganism you had with someone...

And of course, it would be fine to self promote!  If you have a new episode of your own show coming out, a guest chat, or a plan to rent out Vegan-only timeshares, this show would be the place for YOU!
Although, I do believe it would be best to have as many varied stories, from as many people as possible, rather than each weeks episode having the same four people doing the same self promotion, and only one other story ;-)

If I were allowed to submit a story (this new show WONT be about me), I might use my finding of a slaughterman's false teeth, as covered in my local newspaper :

Or, the Vegetarian cooking class I attended today, and hope to revisit in future.  Hello to Alan or any others from the class!

It should be easy to record a "voicemail" audio clip, Windows or Mac, I'm sure I can offer help using a simple audio tool.

Then its a matter of clicking record, speaking into your microphone, built in or not, for over a minute, under five (good to have a hard limit), "stop" the recording, and email me the mp3, AAC, or failing all else, .WAV file :-)

If you like, I might be able to help with any editing, if you feel you had a wonderful, unrepeatable two minute performance, spoiled by a coughing fit somewhere in the middle, I should be able to edit it out for you.

I currently need *ONE* more clips for the pilot, would you like to be included?

If I go ahead with the show, I'd like to have a large number of people willing to share a weekly story every now and then.  You would never be under any obligation to send in clips, I'd just like to have >20 or so people who have a microphone, and who are willing to share a fun story about Veganism.

We're all friends here, we'd love to hear what you've been up to :-)



    I've emailed you just now :)

  2. Thank you Sam! *two* more clips needed now! As soon as I get them, the episode can come out


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