Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friendly Chickens March 2011 VIDEO

Around half way in, Black Chick does what she always likes to do, stand ON my hand and eat!

Once or twice she's actually wrapped her toes around my fingers, gross feeling, she had wet feet at the time, was like a Boa constrictor trying to strangle my fingers as she held on through sheer foot power alone!


  1. Beautiful hens. Adopt a rooster and when they make yellow chickens take the video and let us know to watch. thanks.
    Wish you more happiness
    Bhagavn Vedant Das

  2. Hello,

    They have had Chicks before, I disagree with ownership of "pets", and do not wish to force the Hens into caring for more. I break their eggs as a form of population control, and they eat them, as happens at Animal Sanctuaries.

    You can see plenty of photos of the chicks, at a day old, few days old etc on my Flickr account though!


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