Monday, May 17, 2010

Vegan Health Studies

I'd like to have links to scientific studies about the health effects of a Vegan diet.  I'd really like to shatter some myths!

I'd greatly appreciate any help!  I'd really like to use unbiased websites whenever possible, I dont think linking to "veganism_is_fun!" is very credible!  Official health studies would be best.

Heres what I'm starting with, I hope to add to this over time, with your help, I'll keep this linked for future reference.

Vegan Health Facts

China Study, Animal Products and health effects
"The authors introduce and explain the conclusions of scientific studies, which have correlated animal-based diets with disease. The authors conclude that diets high in animal protein (including casein in cow's milk) are strongly linked to diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.
The authors recommend that people eat a whole food, plant-based diet and avoid consuming beef, poultry, eggs, fish and milk as a means to minimize and/or reverse the development of chronic disease."

Mayo Clinic "plant based diets" Recommendation (Thank you Bea Elliot)
"...people who eat mainly plant-based diets generally have lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels and a reduced risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes."

Bone Formation
"... bone resorption—in which calcium is taken away from bones via the bloodstream—was the same for omnivore women as for vegan women.
"The current model predicts increased bone resorption for people who consume large amounts of animal protein, so it was somewhat surprising that bone resorption was the same for both groups of our volunteers," Van Loan notes.
Second, bone formation was significantly less in omnivore women than in vegan women. This happened even though the omnivore women had a higher calcium intake than did the vegan volunteers. (The volunteers did not differ in their intake of other nutrients that affect bone health, such as magnesium.)
Explains Van Loan, "If you have less bone formation, the result is the same as if you had an increase in bone resorption. So, even though bone resorption was the same in both groups of volunteers, the lower amount of bone formation in the omnivore women could lead to a decrease in their bone density."

Boston Vegan guide

Vegetarian vs carnivore diet: cycling stamina
Dr. Per-Olaf Astrand did a classic study of diet and endurance using nine highly trained athletes, changing their diet every three days. At the end of every diet change, each athlete would pedal a bicycle until exhaustion. Those with a high protein and high fat meat (carnivore) diet averaged 57 minutes. Those that consumed a mixed (omnivore) diet, lower in meat, fat and protein averaged 1 hour and 54 minutes: twice the endurance of the meat and fat eaters. The vegetarian, high carbohydrate diet athletes lasted 2 hours and 47 minutes: 3 times the endurance of meat eaters (Source: Astrand, Per-Olaf, Nutrition Today 3:no2, 9-11, 1968


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