Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brutal Killing Of Unwanted Calves

Here is another reason to promote Veganism, all animal farming will result in horrendous violence such as the brutal slaughter of calves.

I have a link to a messageboard for farmers where this is being discussed.

Here is
one of the most incredible posts, and it began with a yellow smiley face

"When I was a farm worker last century I worked on a farm that did it.I shot
about 300 jersey calves.I cant imagine anyone today having cows so malnourished
that the calves they produce arent able to be put on a truck at 4days.Sure there
is always the odd one but the whole lot? I dont understand.Even if you get a
bill for the odd one,big deal $5 to have a calf removed is cheap and the fact it
keeps another industry going is a bonus.The (censored) at DairyNZ are wasting
our money trying to improve our image.We can do that ourselves by just being
better farmers and stockmen and keeping our mouths shut."

I will let you decide if you want to read the comments for yourself.

And the worst part, these farmers pat themselves on the back for being "humain", many mention being "animal lovers".
We should stop giving "feel good" terms for needless brutality towards other

"A knife through my brain isn't humane", and neither is beating animals to death
with "a stick", shooting them, or cutting their throats.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Jordan.

  2. I find this very upsetting, my father was a farmer in the 60's and early 70's and he has no issue with the methods that were and are engaged in with animal farming. Despite this, I keep talking about veganism, even with his convictions.


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