Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Actual "free range" Standard For NZ Eggs

Thank you to William Paul for mentioning this program

"The debate over free range eggs versus battery ones has been complicated by the fact that there are just about no standards for keeping free range hens.

Consumers are told that free range eggs, while being the more expensive option, taste better and come from happy, free-to-roam hens.

But with no standards in place the practice of keeping free range hens ranges greatly from one farm to another.

But while he may have set standards, he says about 70% of eggs sold free range in New Zealand have never seen the light of day.
"People don't understand what's going on, they just presume when they see the words 'free range' they expect that there are some standards but in New Zealand there are no standards for free range," he told TV ONE's Close Up."

Hopefully the video will be up soon.


There is one way to help all the Ms Hen Friends of the country, to stop treating our fellow animals as "things", as property, and to respect them as fellow beings.

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