Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ohio Cow Brutality

Its quite possible you have already seen this video

The cows involved are brutally beaten with different objects, or pummelled with fists or wild kicks.

Especially amazing is how the calves are treated, they are hurt again and again, and still get up.  The amount of suffering these men try and cause to a baby animal is incredible, and yet the calves show a resistance, a will to live.

I've been talking about this footage online.  If I had a choice between receiving a brutal (and yet non lethal) beating such as was filmed in Ohio, or the most quote "humane" slaughter possible, I would choose the vicious beating.  Where there is life, there is hope.  When you kill an animal they have NO hope.

Animals should never be treated as "property", they are their own beings.

I wouldnt campaign for "less brutal beatings", nor would I try and hurt the men filmed.  What has been done has been done, we cannot avenge the calves by hurting the men.  We must move on and try and end violence, not cause it ourselves.

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