Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolution 2013 : More Vegan Societies

In late 2006 I decided to be Vegetarian for my 2007 New Years Resolution.  I first tried being Vegetarian in November 2006, and it felt right.  Its good to set goals and to achieve them, to see forward progress towards an ultimate end.

For 2013, I would like to work towards seeing more Vegan Societies spread across New Zealand, for every city to be well represented by Vegan spokespersons and to feel a real sense of a Vegan Movement in New Zealand.  Local groups supported by the New Zealand Vegan Society, what could be better? :-)

Veganism is currently strongest in Auckland and Wellington in the North Island, Christchurch and Invercargill in the South Island.  I would love to see this Here Be Dragons map become tofu-ed out over the coming year, to have more local groups become strongly represented both in their area and nationally.

Websites, podcasts, monthly potlucks, Vegan cooking classes, press releases and representative Vegan press contacts, heres to Vegan Activism in 2013 :-)

Do you have an established regional Vegan Society which you'd like to add?  Please let me know, it would be great to include your logo and website :-)

I'd like to add contact details for a Dunedin Vegan Society and Motueka Vegan Society.

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