Saturday, December 22, 2012

Episode 89 The End....of Non Veganism?

Episode 89 The End…..of Non Veganism? 

Celebrating the end of 2012, and perhaps the end of the world, according to our Mayan friends :-)  And what better way to go out than with style, several interviews and the promise of Invercargill Vegan Society potlucks to come in the afterlife…..or 2013, whichever comes first :-)

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3m "Vegitators" all Vegan quiz team comes first again! :-)
7m The Hobbit movie review, Vegan and Vegetarian themes throughout :-)
19m "Contact", Carl Sagan book about "vega-ns" :-)
22m Sea Shepherd mentioned as VEGAN! 
25m A familiar voice….Julie Gunn of Animal Rights and Wrongs radio show
30m Venetia Sherson interview, about writing about Veganism in nationwide print
50m Rocky Shepheard interview, inventor of "The Vegg" Vegan fried egg :-)
1hr 1m Invercargill Vegan Society November potluck, Dr Luke Graduates
1hr 7m, Barts Comet, The Simpsons conclusion

Until we meet again, good luck on doomsday, have a Happy New Year :-)

Jordan Wyatt and everyone at the Invercargill Vegan Society :-)



  1. Good comments on The Hobbit. As upset as I was about what happened to a number of animals during filming, it is nice to see some good Vegan themes running through the movie. The Forest wizard definitely was an example. And I loved seeing the Elves eating a Vegan diet.

    1. Thank you Nicole :-) Its a Non Vegan movie made in a Non Vegan world, and ALL regular movies involve harm to Other Animals.

      I have a friend who worked on this movie, where all the main puppies seemed to keep dying due to lack of vaccination. Fairly simple mistakes can be made, which have a far larger consequence - in Snow Buddies, the dogs would have died if they had been given the injection, and in The Hobbit the animals wouldnt have died if they were "fenced in" (ugh) or give flat land.

      Thank you for supporting me in 2012 Nicole :-) Take care, and have a happy new year :-)



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