Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GTA inVsoc ?!?!

Seen the new logo design for Grand Theft Auto Five?  (GTA V)

The INVSOC lawyers sure have!  THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!   You can't just go about grabbing eyecatching V shape designs you know!

Besides, any right thinking individual would have the horizontal text bar at the BOTTOM, not the blinking top!  Near the bottom, the V design is given an impression of piercing through a barrier, going supersonic!  At the top?  Its like you've gotten your INVSOC sweatshirt stuck over your head, arms waving about in the air, stumbling around blind.  What kind of maniac would put it at the top?!?!

Rest assured though my friends, the Republi-Chicken Guard are on the case!  We simply CANNOT allow a Stolen Product out on the market, we'll spend every dime of INVSOC's ~$40 Billion USD to right this wrong!


Kotaku sheds some light on the GTA V design,

Our lawsuit still stands! :-)

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