Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marmite Returns! Sanitarium General Manager Interview

Today has been a big day!  I've moved a grand piano with the help of a high school rugby team, sanded back and restored a table, and suffered the crushing blow of my computer destroying itself!

But overall, I'll remember the 20th of March 2013 as the day Marmite was brought back from the dead!

By 8am this morning, I was in line at Invercargill Pak n Save.  As soon as the door opened, eager Marmite fans walked through the self scanning checkouts and to the jam/canned fruit aisle.  I edged out ahead and got the first jar of Marmite from the store :-)

Setting up my partner's computer for audio work, I received emails telling me that the General Manager of Sanitarium, Pierre van Heerden was in Wellington and ready for an interview!

And here it is :-)

download audio directly 

I ask Sanitarium General Manager Pierre van Heerden about how heartbroken Sanitarium has been without Marmite, why the company has long supported Vegetarianism, and whether the company would support Vegans by labeling more of their products "vegan" :-)  With more consumer demand from Vegans, the more "Vegan" products will be sold :-)

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  1. I've been conserving my NZ marmite all this time, I guess I can go willynilly with it now.

    Have you seen this? Prepare yourself:


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