Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Episode 91 Go Vegans Love Marmite

Episode 91 Go Vegans Love Marmite

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4m "Go Vegan" interview with a fantastic new organisation supporting New Zealand Vegans

17m "Vegans Love Marmite" campaign, Vegan labelling on popular products

26m interview with General Manager of "Sanitarium" Pierre van Heerden about Marmite, Vegan products

31m "Mediawatch", food companies influencing NZ media and receiving free publicity

44m interview with Colin Peacock of "Mediawatch" about Marmite, Veganism and free PR

1hr Invercargill Vegan Society updates, and Marmites return :-)


Vegan Chef Ben James interview episode, Episode 86 

Seventh Day Adventist interview, I ask them if they can magically produce more Marmite for me :-) (Sanitarium, the company who made Marmite is an Adventist owned and operated business)

Mediawatch 10 June 2012 KFC "doubledown", "KFC Pie" free publicity

Mediawatch 24 June 2012, Phoney buzz from fastfood

Mediawatch March 17th 2013 - Marmites return, Sanitarium stunts

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