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Episode 72 Vegan food….FROM HELL!

Episode 72 Vegan food….FROM HELL!

>44,000 litre dumping of "diluted effluent" mucking up a $11.6 million NZD lake cleanup, Vegan Brownies, Estate Lots, Freezers, Hannibal, Scouring of the Shire, Dumping of cats, American Pie, Vegan hotdogs are from Australia, Vegan Pizzas are from New Zealand!

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Hello and welcome to episode 72 of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, your favourite show from the bottom of New Zealand.

In the latest news about priceless New Zealand waterways being messed up big time by high quality quote "dairy nutrients", we have this lovely story about a local polluter, from The Press, a Christchurch newspaper:

"The deliberate pollution of a Canterbury waterway with tens of thousands of litres of effluent will jeopardise a multi-million dollar plan to clean up Lake Ellesmere.
Canterbury farm manager Blair John Lloyd narrowly avoided home detention after causing one of the region's largest ever illegal effluent discharges.
Instead, Lloyd was fined $20,000 and sentenced to 260 hours of community service when he appeared in the Christchurch District Court in November after allowing more than 44,000 litres of effluent to discharge from a Springston property into a waterway flowing into the environmentally-sensitive Lake Ellesmere.
Appalled Ngai Tahu (the main local tribe of native Maori New Zealanders) chairman Mark Solomon said the pollution had jeopardised an $11.6 million plan to clean up the lake.  (Thats around 10 million USD.)
"Government, industry and Ngai Tahu are pumping a huge amount of time and resource into reversing the degradation of Te Waihora [Lake Ellesmere], and if we don't succeed, the consequences will be considerable."
Solomon said the lake's condition was the result of 150 years of poor farming and development practice in the area, which was no longer acceptable.
Federated Farmers North Canterbury dairy chairman Kieran Stone said news of the discharge was "hugely disappointing".
"You'd like to think that everyone would have upped their game and this sort of thing wouldn't happen. It's not too flash."
In what was slammed by Judge Paul Kellar as "very deliberate" offending, Lloyd disconnected a pipe from a blocked irrigator and placed it under nearby trees, allowing diluted effluent to spill over into nearby drains.
More than 44,000 litres of diluted effluent was discharged over four days in October 2010 before Environment Canterbury (ECan) staff noticed the discharge."

To put "more than 44,000 litres of diluted effluent" into perspective, diluted with water no doubt, taking clean, fresh water, quite possibly from one of the Canterbury regions fossil water reservoirs, the water that accumulated over hundreds, thousands of years, and here they are pumping it out of the ground and using this precious water to water down cowshit, so they can claim their pollution is "diluted", 44,000 litres….ok, I drink a fair amount of water a day, about 1 to 2 litres….so, if Jordan drinks two litres of water each day, thats about one five thousandth of the amount of watered down shit this farmer negligently pumped out each day.  And the thing about water is, it tends to be naturally recycled, so every time Jordan fills his waterbottle, guess what used to be in that water?  That water came from a river, a river that stretches far out into rural Southland, by the way, I'm just trying to accentuate my accent on R sounds, water, river, rural, all these lovely farmers dumping "dairy effluent", "diluted" or not, it goes into our water, gee, thanks farmers!

Like the yearly event "townies" accurately predict called "Winter", which always seems to have farmers caught without preparations, leaving staving baby animals to die in the paddocks, pollution is a nonstop problem.  I took a screenshot of a farmer saying how he would flout the new rules placed upon him, how he was meant to move the sewage hoses each day, to spread the "nutrient" around, he couldn't be bothered, so he'd just move them when he felt like it.  Its simply a fact of farming life, nice animals go in, huge tones of "dairy nutrients" come out, tens of millions of animals are killed each year in this country alone, and stolen calf food is sold for a quick profit, regardless of the cost to everyone else where, or, Lake Ellesmere.

Listening to the No Agenda podcast which covers the mainstream media as well as quirky stories,, host Adam Curry mentioned eating a Vegan Brownie:

, >

With such good Vegan karma immediately negated by the idea of "high quality", "organic", "free range" Happy Meat, named Chickens being killed and sold at Texan farmers markets

Its always great to hear Veganism being brought up randomly on your favourite shows, especially in a positive way, such as when the main host discovers great Vegan brownies being sold at a local farmers market, but the idea that we can treat Hens "nicely", that we can then kill these Chickens, that they don't actually matter, that all *we* care about is the way they are treated BEFORE we confirm their thing-status, we can do so much better than that, by promoting Veganism.

I work for my fathers secondhand and Antique business, buying an estate lot, all the furniture from a house, couches, cabinets, chairs, beds, tables, pots and pans, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, and then only because the damn things are often screwed down too tight.   We were dealing with a man from outside of Invercargill whose mother had died alone in her small flat, its always something to think about while I'm left to unscrew the beds, taking the headboards and footboards off to better position them in our truck, hmm, so this is the master bed, this is where the woman most likely died a couple days ago, in her sleep, marvelous!  And now I'm kneeling down in her off-fallen skin flakes, and the crumbs from when she ate toast in bed.  The ambulance crew or whatever came and scooped her up, into a bodybag, and then she just chilled out at the hospital morgue for awhile, before being embalmed and put on display in a coffin, and finally buried, lovely!

Oh, I could tell you some stories from on the job that would REALLY freak you out, such as the time we got an estate lot where an obese woman had died in her sleep, she lived alone so she wasn't found for a few weeks, she had preserved animals "stuffed" everywhere around the house, she was into breeding Chihuahuas I think, and all her cats and dogs had crapped in every room, mice or rats had eaten holes through her skirting boards, every room had walls full of holes, rat crap, cat crap, dog crap everywhere….and her bedroom in particular had the worst smell I can imagine inside.  A smell that would make you want to vomit, I nearly did when I first became overwhelmed by it, working in that very room for an hour or so during the day.  Turns out, she'd died alone, in her bed, in a house filled with animals everywhere, and she was only discovered weeks after her departing, when, as the gossip I heard from two independent sources went, a workman was busy installing a satellite dish or something at the house next door, saw her body through the window, and saw the little dogs eating her face.

Think of the movie Hannibal, Mason Verger who peeled off his face with shards of mirror while on drugs, and the pigs specifically bred to maul Hannibal and eat him alive, who later finished Mason off, at least in the inferior movie version, which completely removed the fantastic character Margot Verger, Masons sister, who was a massive bodybuilder, a Lesbian who for some reason needed her barely alive through mechanical means brother to be a donor to her partner, to fully inherit the Verger fortune, and produce a heir.  In the book, Mason isn't actually there while Hannibal escapes with Clarice, the pigs finish off his wicked henchmen, Margot actually uses Masons favourite pet electric eel as a tazer, using other animals as a means to an end, keeping other animals as "pets", see where it gets you?,  she shoves the eel down his throat after making a brief speech, the eel bites on to Masons tongue, and as he's electrocuted, his bitten off tongue causing him to drown in a mouth filled with blood, the electrical stimulation at one end of his body is apparently enough to help Margot collect a sample from the other, to produce the Verger heir required.

Its a graphic movie alright, but as always, you cant beat the book!  To my dying day I'll curse Sir Peter Jackson for DANGING up the end of Return of the King, removing one of the most vital chapters, Scouring of the Shire, where Sharky (Saruman) has fled to enslave Hobbiton, where Frodo and the gang return home and find their beloved hill houses and ponies and rivers set on fire, steel mines everywhere, basically turned into Mordor.  Thats also where Saruman is killed, not some nonsense about being trapped in his black tower, or having Legolas "firing a warning arrow" at his head, with Gimli "accidentally" knocking the bow, causing the arrow to not go wide, but of course straight through his head, where he tumbles cartwheeling down, to land on a watermill, spiked through the chest, as the wheel slowly spins him down and into the water.  Saruman instead has his ass kicked by a Hobbit archer, showing the transformation from humble proletariat to empowered working class, with hardened steel in their gaze, and steel in their hands.  We see parts of the Scouring of the Shire set in the vision Frodo gets in Fellowship of the Rings, when he sees into the future with Galadriel, The Shire in flames, people screaming, dark figures, thats all what REALLY happened.

A New Zealander royally DANGED up the ending of The Lord of the Rings, so on behalf of my countryman, I'll set the record straight:

Theres more to the chapter than that, including Wormtongue killing Saruman after years of abuse,  but notice how Frodo handles problems, by talking through them, forgiveness, not anger , resolution, not revenge, like a four foot tall Dr Will Tuttle.

Cmon moviemakers!  Don't alter great books!  Although, I just learnt that in Hannibal, with the scenes in the kitchen while brains are on the menu, theres a Vegetarian cookbook on top of a refrigerator, I often credit Silence of the Lambs for making me become Vegetarian, considering how we treat other animals as things, that they are not a "he" or "she" anymore, but an IT, IT puts the lotion on its skin, IT is killed humanely at the Processing Plant, reborn as if in a Woman-skin suit as "meat".  Seeing a Vegetarian cookbook plainly in view is a great little cue, "yeah, maybe I don't want to be Non Vegan anymore" :-)

Speaking of Vegetarian cookbooks on top of refrigerators during gory scenes in popular fiction …..

At this recent estate lot, with my father and the son of the woman who'd died, I heard them having a conversation about the chest freezer, a large, two metre wide by one metre high freezer, most often used for storing dead animals bodies, I figure in the Vegan world of the future, there wont be any need for huge, inefficient freezers, we might have soy ice cream and frozen Vegetables, but thats about all we need, right?  Fresh fruit and vegetables for the win!   I overheard my father asking "this filled with meat?", the son said "no, not much", to which my father retorted, "oh, because sometimes we dump them at the SPCA", you know, because thats just what all the dogs and cats in cages at our local SPCA shelter need, a freezer filled with dead corpses from the house of a dead woman, the son added "yeah, not much meat, not worth it".  Just like the recent Southland Times story about a rural woman who trapped and SHOT unwanted cats dumped out her way, because it was apparently too much effort to take the cat in the trap (a little different from a cat in the hat) to the local SPCA a couple kilometers away, yeah, it was easier to shoot them with her rifle.  

from the article:

"It was the second time in six months she had to face the unpleasant task of trapping them and killing cats.
She had trapped and shot eight cats – the most humane option, she said – since July.
Having to defend her property from cats others were too lazy to take to the SPCA should not have to happen, she said.
"I don't like shooting THINGS.  (emphasis mine) I shouldn't have to."
Her pet cat, Blondie, which she had trapped nine years ago, had to be taken to the vet two years ago after she was found with puncture wounds on her back and fur ripped off, Ms Ellis said.  (Apparently she caught "Blondie" as a wild cat, and she turned out just fine, could the other cats not be spared a bullet to the brain too?)
"We trapped a big male cat not long after and he was a real nasty piece of work."
She said that the location of her property, which was down a gravel road, may be attractive to people looking for a convenient place to drop their cats without being seen.
"I've seen some dodgy-looking cars come through here and I won't think anything of it; then a few days later there will be a new cat coming around. They should know better."
A resident on the rural property for 10 years, Ms Ellis said the dumping issue had become more of a problem in the past two years.
"No, I can't take them to the SPCA. We are miles away and one at a time is just not practical," she wrote in her letter to the editor.
"They end up wild and carry infection and they hassle my pet cat and my chickens... The SPCA has an `open-door' policy.
"If you can't take care of your pets, do the right thing and take them to the SPCA. Don't be a sneaky, gutless coward and throw them out of the car door when you think no one is watching.""

I sent in a reply that there must be a better way to help these animals rather than shooting them, that surely the woman could drive these cats the few kilometers to the animal shelter every now and then, *OR*, ask the Shelter, which accepts all unwanted animals to have someone collect them from the womans property?
I tried to be polite in my reply, I mean, the answer is NOT to have someone film me while I storm in and confront the woman, to threaten that I'd have a thousand Vegans from Invercargill surrounding her property, making a racket, all up in this womans face, "Jordan Wyatt, remember the name!"

Noooo, they were going to The Coast, but perhaps not The West Coast, home of Gangsta Rap, we all know what the one being with three separate bodies that were all the same yet different were singing :

There in a house with my father and the Son, two Non Vegans who wouldn't have considered in the slightest the animals being killed for that "meat", the corpses who were killed, kept frozen in an elderly womans freezer, and then to be thrown in the trash, on rubbish day.  My Father was a slaughterman for about a decade, perhaps the other man had "worked at The Works" before too.  The animals in the freezer, they were killed for nothing, well, unlike the other animals we cage their entire lives, kill, dismember, package and sell, spend more time cooking their remains than eating them, to then be flushed down the toilet….   They were overlooked, just as the "American Humane Association" certifies movies where Cow Skin, Sheeps wool and dark Chicken Flesh was eaten as a fill in for human brains as being inline their organizations movie monitoring, with Hannibal having their little note in the credits " American Humane Association monitored the animal action.  No animal was harmed. (as Vegans we realise thats incorrect)  Scenes appearing to place animals in jeopardy were simulated".  We need to raise awareness about Veganism, as Professor Roger Yates would mention the coiner of the term Veganism, a founder of the English Vegan Society, we need to "ripen people up" to Veganism, potentially by contrasting the difference between ripening Vegan food, as the Banana goes from green to yellow, and further on to a wonderful blackish brown, so do people who die alone in bed, and have their faces torn off by ravenous Non Vegan Chihuahuas, as inspired by The Slobbering of the Pigs.

Actually, forget about that (or try to!), I think we'll be more effective by sticking to NON graphic images, like of our Hen Friends.

How often do people consider what they are buying?  How often do they make a conscious choice to be Non Vegan?  Do they know what goes into the products they buy, such as hotdogs?

Yeah, I'll stick to the Vegan hotdogs I buy at my local supermarkets thanks!

People on the street though, would they buy a plant based hotdog from a guy with an all Vegan Hotdog Company in Australia?  Thats the question I put to Justin, of Hellhound Hotdogs, and his answer was "why yes, yes they most certainly would."  The Skypecall to hell (or a place nearly as hot, Brisbane, Australia) is a long journey, the fire and brimstone slightly affect the call quality:

Thank you very much to Justin from Hellhound Hotdogs for his time, the company has an EXCELLENT logo of a rabid Bulldog from hell, as Justin pointed out, the spiked collar of ownership has a gold medallion with a large V on it, for Veganism.  As soon as some shirts are available in my size, I'm going to order a couple, and enjoy wearing them around Invercargill, explaining their origin whenever possible, "oh, my shirt?  Well, my friend Justin over in Australia has this really awesome VEGAN hotdog business….", and then give them one of the INVSOC cards I carry with me at all times in my pocket.  Just thought you might be interested where I keep the cards, in my pocket, its not like I keep them behind my ear or anything, although, you'd be really surprised what my Grandfather could find back there, back when I was younger, he could always manage to find a coin behind my ear, oh, and he had this weird ability where he could steal my nose too, he was a tricky one, that Grandfather of mine.

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

You can find the script for this episode, as well as downloads for every episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals at  If you'd like to find a good Vegan hotdog in Brisbane, Australia, look out for Justin, and Hellhound Hotdogs, tell him Jordan sent you, he wont have a bloody clue who I am, but it gives you something to say while you add mustard and sauce to your Vegan hotdog, and as he hands you your change.

If you want to contact me, I'd really love to hear from YOU, please send me an email to

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, Jordan Wyatt, W Y A T T

Thank you for listening.


No Agenda episode 371, Vegan brownie, followed up with Killing Named Chickens 1hr 18m odd

Lake Ellesmere

Deliberate Dairy Farm polluter will set back millions of dollars of cleanup

Fined 20,000 NZD (18K USD or so)

"how its made" Hotdogs

hot dogs are made from "leftover parts" of the slaughter process. These parts include but are not limited to: eyeballs, ears, lips, testicles, penises, guts, tongue, anuses, etc. etc. Check it out!

Dumping cats in Southland, woman traps and shoots them

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