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Episode 71 New Zealand Apples (and Pears) take on the world!

Episode 71 New Zealand Apples (and Pears) take on the world!

Surviving 2012, Michael Jackson, Te Anau Rodeo, Aging farmers, Bruce Willis…*correction*…WILLS, Voice control news reports (with Vegan presenters!), Facelift, Fonterra's Future of New Zealand, New Zealand Apples (and pears) take on the world, starting with Australia, Americas Cup and Team New Zealand, little underground snakes, the New-New Zealand economy : $200 USD per New Zealand apple, $150 USD per New Zealand pear!

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OH, hello?  We're still here?  Really?  No giant meteor strike?  No Tsunami of top quality "dairy nutrients" washed the islands of New Zealand away?  Well, I'd better start the show then…….cue bumper and intro:

Hello and welcome to Episode 71 of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, New Zealand Apples (and pears) take on the world!

Well, we somehow survived instant defenestration once our smartphone clocks hit 2012, 6 billion people didn't fall through plate glass windows to their deaths on the streets below their single story houses.

How was your New Years Eve?  Lots of drunk people?  Police with riot shields and batons?  

I went downtown to Wachner Place Invercargill, in our bustling CBD, free music, and big crowds!  ….. …last night of existence…..

< countdown clip>

I'm always excited to hear what the first song of the new year will be, the first song I hear, no cheating, I don't play any music until I've heard a random song passing by.  The live band picked a good song….to mutilate!

Hey guys, Beat It isn't meant to be BAD, its on the Thriller album!

The chorus wasn't HORRIBLE….but……the famous solo…..was reduced to THIS

I'll let Kanye critic it

Harsh, but fair.  Of course, we all know how the REAL solo goes:

Marvelous, marvelous song!

An interesting video showed up early in the new year a Killer Whale or Orca beating the hell out of sharks, the sharks beaching themselves in an attempt to get free from the whale, all this happened about an hours drive from where I live, so, I guess the list of dangerous animals found on land here in New Zealand expands from just that bloody spider from Australia, to including Sharks.  Snakes on a Plane, meet Sharks ON the Beach!  A video of a family recording the thrashing in the breaking waves, the sharks coming up onto the sand and getting stuck, whirling about while a dog trained to hurt and kill Pigs growls and snaps at the larger shark can be found in my shownotes.

I'd like to say hello to Nick Pendegrast, who emailed me saying

"…I started listening from the four corners/live export episode, which was great - and have listened to all of the episodes since then, as well as some of the older ones. "

Thank you for letting me know you listen Nick!  

New Zealand radio show Animal Rights and Wrongs is changing hosts, Debra and Eric are stepping down, and leaving the show in the hands of new host Julie Gunn.  I got a hello on the second last episode of the current format, from this radio show broadcast in New Zealand capital Wellington, bottom of the North Island, for a listener at the bottom of the South Island!

An odd story from The Southland Times:

"Fears neglect on the rise as young fail to work the land

Starving, neglected sheep and cattle threaten to become an increasing problem as ageing farmers struggle to move off their land.
The average age of a cattle and sheep farmer is now 58.
Federated Farmers president Bruce Wills said the lack of young farmers was deeply concerning for the industry.
More than half of New Zealand's income came from agriculture exports, he said.
"It is what runs our hospitals and educates our kids. We have nothing that can replace the agriculture industry."
The high cost of buying a farm was preventing young people from entering farming.
Economists say the average deposit needed to buy a farm has soared to $1 million, forcing many farmers to hang on to their farms as the younger generation bows out.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is having to kill animals neglected by farmers too old to look after them.
About 90 malnourished and worm-infested cattle were removed from a Manawatu farm in September last year after the elderly owner inadvertently let his stock suffer. MAF   put down a third of the cattle.
Farming insiders said at the time that the potential for ageing farmers to neglect their animals was a growing concern.
Wills said the country had to make farming more attractive to young people to stop it becoming a bigger problem. "We want these young, smart kids coming out of university saying `we like the look of farming'.
"It's what pays the bills of this nation, we can make a decent living and we don't have to rely on welfare to support the family."
ANZ issued a stark warning in November of a "lost generation" of New Zealand farmers. Bank economists estimated a new farmer would need more than a $1m deposit to purchase a dairy farm, or up to $2m for a sheep or beef farm. ANZ commercial and agriculture managing director Graham Turley said young people no longer saw farming as a fulfilling career and looked for opportunities elsewhere.
Although most farms remained family-run, Wills said there was a growing trend toward corporate ownership. Farmers were forced to open farms to overseas buyers because local buyers did not have the capital.
Lifting pay, increasing rural broadband speed and moving away from an undeserved "dirty farming" image could attract more young people, he said.
"We're forced to bring offshore workers to our farms.
"We have to do that because we can't find enough Kiwis to work on our farms."
But he said there was hope for the future and ANZ had launched a $60m fund for farmers hoping to step up in agriculture."

An "UNDESERVED" reputation for being quote "dirty"?  After farmers succeeded in polluting 89% of the waterways in my part of New Zealand, "undeserved", really?  Hell, I sort of agree with the article though, farmers are being underrated, they're probably polluting even MORE!

"is farming the be all and end all?  Wouldn't we be running about naked, living in caves without killing tens of billions of animals each year, without exploiting the female (and the male) reproductive system?

Why, there my Vegan Friend living in Invercargill, Dan, the first Vegan I'd ever met in person, she was just minding her own business, when some extreme Vegan Animal Rights activist starting spouting off brainwashing propaganda on tv!

The presenter used "oatley" milk with his breakfast cereal, possibly Vegan?  "im a picky eater", ha, always a great way to describe being Vegan when you go to a restaurant, he sits on skin chair though.  Man I sound picky!  I'd rather walk barefoot through Hen poop, sorry, "dairy nutrients" than touch dead skin though.

Isn't it great that a random television news report, seen apparently all over the world featured a Vegan, who worked his Veganism into the story?  Like I always say, five years ago, I'd never HEARD of Veganism, so to grow up watching the television news (ok… kids these days grow up watching "television news" on YouTube) and hearing about Veganism in a random story, to see Vegan food being ordered, plant based milks being drunk.

HEY, another one of these nutjobs jumped  in on the opportunity to promote Veganism when his local newspaper covered the Te Anau Rodeo, where grown, often overweight men threw young animals, often babies to the ground, to show who was boss!  I hear he even encouraged his Facebook friends to vote en masse on the poll, that Rodeos were NOT "a great spectacle", that they were "animal cruelty", shifting the votes from around 50/50, to well over 80 percent AGAINST, with many posting the requested Vegan comment, why, the cheek of these Vegan Freaks, it was a yes or no question, and they had to invent a third choice, Veganism!

Look at what they did, speaking out in such numbers, the Editor saw the page views for that article shoot up, and so they wrote the next days main opinion piece on the topic, as if there was any validity to being against harming other animals!

(the article started off about quote "rednecks" and "liberals", making it seem to be an issue of politics and social class)

Check out this guys rant!

"Political affiliation doesnt come into it, you could be a money kissing ACT-er or an environmentally friendly Green-ie, the issue is about harming other animals.  "Keep politics out of sport" was the warcry decades past,  (New Zealand breaking a ban on playing South African sports teams back in the 80's, there was a sporting boycott due to policies of apartheid, racism, with many rural, right wing rugby fans saying that sport was to kept out of politics, rugby is more important than human rights)  but issues such as human rights and animal rights (animal rights *are* human rights, we other animals) transcend wanting to play some little game of "sport".

I've attended local "rodeos" before, and its pretty plain to see the distress and fear, as the other animals are being thrown about into the dirt.  A festival of treating other animals as things (indeed, as they are described as "its" rather than "he" or "she" here), we can do so much better in 2012.


"We are entitled to have mixed feelings about rodeos. Some among us just want to feel the adrenaline. Some just want the rest of us to cut it out and leave animals alone, period.

Most, surely, see a capacious middle ground that affords room for manoeuvre, giving rodeo a future based on appropriate controls on behaviours to be fairly expected of man and beast."

We most certainly cannot find a middle [way], either we are for harming and killing someone, or we are fully against it.  How would you "nicely" throw other animals about?  Drug them up so they feel nothing but "happy thoughts"?  A rink lined with cotton wool? (the best kind of wool!)  Soundproof glass around the braying and inebriated mob?  Even after the construction of this hypothetical hundred million dollar stadium in Te Anau, (a tiny town of a couple thousand people), we'd still be left with the issue of seeing other animals as mere playthings, to be "dominated" in a public display of humiliation.

As the English Sociologist Dr Roger Yates might say, its a matter of societal norms, what we see as normal, and what we participate in ourselves.  If we grew up believing it were ok to harm cats and dogs, we would do so, while mocking "[fretting] liberals", "wailing exhortations to "look into the animal's eyes and see the anguish".

We have grown up otherwise, where we currently have a demand from mainstream New Zealand for "harsher penalties" on those who harm animals (as in Cats and Dogs), with some being so enthusiastic as to wish for a "death penalty" to those who would hurt a cat or dog!

Might these same people attend rodeos?  Quite possibly.

Yesterday I drove past four Southland slaughterhouses with a friend.  We live in a province where you'll find vet clinics next door to "meat warehouses"

where only a two lane national highway separates the community swimming pool and a gigantic slaughterhouse, and where we celebrate "Cardigan Bay", "the worlds first million dollar pacer", a horse forced into dragging around a little Napoleon, for the "athlete" (the human!) to receive glory, for the "owners" to receive exorbitant profits.

Right behind the sign is a slaughterhouse, aptly demonstrating the link between the two industries, exploiting animals for our "sport", of exploiting other animals weakness to stainless steel and violence, for our dinner plate.

We can choose not to harm others, human animals and nonhuman animals alike.

Deciding to be Vegan is a great New Years resolution! :-)

Jordan Wyatt
"all animals are equal"  "

What a freak, a Vegan Freak!

Heres another article from the Southland Times on the rodeos, under the headline of "rodeo ready to entertain" the three to four thousand people who'd show up:


"The club would also be putting on a display with the rodeo's 30 horses.
The horses would be led into the arena where they would parade to music.
Last year the parade had caused "tears on the bank" for those touched by the spectacular display, Mr Moseby said."

Tears on the bank, indeed!  "oh, I am so overcome with emotion seeing animals being made to move in procession about a dusty circle!  That really tops off a hard days watching baby animals being thrown to the floor, DANG this is quality entertainment for the whole family!  *SNIFF SNIFF*"

Imagine a world where those crazy Vegans took over!  We all know how the future of New Zealand *SHOULD* be!

A quick history lesson, Helen Clark was the Prime Minister of New Zealand for basically a decade, see, in some countries a woman with the initial H C *CAN* make it to the top, Cullen was finance minister or whatever, and Fonterra is our "dairy" monopoly, owned by the farmers themselves.  And, until we won in 2011, WOOOOOOOOOO, it seemed that the greatest Rugby playing nation in the world was destined to somehow lose every World Cup, yes, more than one country enters OUR "WORLD Cup".  Interestingly, we won the original in 1000 900 and 87, and in 2000 and 11, both played in the same exact stadium, Eden Park, in New Zealand.  We cant win the World Cup unless we're playing in New Zealand.

Heres a positive story, from the New Zealand Herald:

"The fact is that we are getting more and more obese.
New Zealand is now the third-fattest nation in the world (OECD obesity statistics, June 2011) and our obesity is the cause of the growing Diabetes 2 epidemic which is becoming the number one cause of preventable death.
More than half of all New Zealanders are overweight or obese, and obesity claims the lives of more than 1000 people each year in this country - twice the number killed in traffic accidents.
Thirty years ago nobody would have imagined that cigarette advertising would be banned, workplaces would be smoke free, and that cigarettes would attract an excise tax of 24c a cigarette."

The opinion piece article goes on to suggest a sugar or fat tax:

"Remember the Marlboro man who rode across billboards, cigarette hanging from his lips? Remember Benson & Hedges, which sponsored the tennis, Rothmans which sponsored the cricket? - all brands promoting healthy living when the exact opposite was the truth.
That mantle of misleading advertising has now been taken over by the food and beverage industry, which promotes its fat- and sugar-laced products as the key to healthy living.
It took a tax to dramatically slow smoking addiction; a tax on sugar and fat products would do the same.

The effect of a tobacco tax led to immediate and permanent dramatic falls in cigarettes sold. Since 1991 the price of cigarettes has doubled, and the volume sold is now a third of 1991 sales (Ministry of Health-AC Nielsen data).
We now have two newer addictions - sugar and fat. These are the major cause of Diabetes 2, which is responsible for the biggest percentage increase in our health budget."

Look at our current sponsors of sports teams, sporting events, singing and dancing mascots in primary schools, more often than not, its Fonterra, the "dairy" monopoly, as well as their smaller brother, "New Zealand Beef and Lamb".  Now, cows milk is even going to be handed out in primary schools each day, to get young children hooked, and to buy PR for the Fonterra, who had a terrible year in public relations, of price fixing and polluting our rivers.

But Jordan, the farmers say, this country would go to hell if we all gradually went Vegan over a reasonable period of time!  Our whole economy relies on killing animals, and abusing female reproduct-a-bility!

To which I say, "oh yeah?  Well once upon a time, some guy got it in his head the world would explode once his iPhone 4 ticked over to 2012, and THAT didn't happen!  The end of the world is overhyped!"

You know, once upon a time, this country had a sponsor to be proud of.  Bugger tobacco companies and alcohol advertising on sports racing, guys, look up the Americas Cup, and by the way, those Americans keep the hilarity flowing, this ones the opposite, "The Americas Cup" is actually INTERNATIONAL!   This little country at the bottom of the world decided to get serious about it in the late 80's, early 90's……a country of just a couple million people, but see, living where they did, on a couple islands at the ass end of the world, they kinda had the hang of this water thing, at least in its liquid phase.
Back in 1995, they designed, built and crewed the fastest racing yacht in the world, NZL 32, 

You know, with funky victory music from 1995 like THIS, why is our population only at 4 million?  Probably a massive swell of babymaking around '95.

Americas Cup is now, New Zealands cup, damn straight!  Theres a lack of common sense these days, you don't start a land war in asia, and you don't bring a team from a freaking continent, to a sport belonging to island nations!

Have I just gone off on another trademark Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals patriotic tangent?  Well, no, see, the interesting thing about our Americas Cup winners, the boats had an amazing sponsor.

New Zealand fruit brand "ENZA", once prominently sponsor our entries in the Americas Cup, when the whole world saw us give America a spanking when it came to racing wind powered boats, we had huge logos for Japanese carmaker Toyota, national broadcaster (think the BBC) TVNZ, our gambling giant "lotto", the international Steinlager beer brand, AND, right in the middle, with a logo of a green pear, a red apple and a straight edged font in the middle - very INVSOC - ENZA.  Imagine that! New Zealand grown Apples and Pears, being a major sponsor of our winning team, of our record breaking boat, talk about a sense of national pride!

Until the Invercargill Vegan Society sponsor Ferrari in Formula One, its hard to imagine a more entertaining sponsor!

I've contacted ENZA to see if they have any brand merchandise, its a fun logo, and I'd love to have some stickers, to be proud of my countries mighty export of Apples and Pears.  By the way, their email address is …….info enza?  Influenza?  info enza?  GREAT marketing guys, especially since those damn Australians kept a ban on our export because of a couple bugs being found a hundred years ago!

Its long been a bone of contention between our countries, with the noticeably inferior Australian apples being protected, since our exports were banned because of some little bug a million years ago, but now, thanks to our friend Free Trade, New Zealand pear pathogens, New Zealand Apple agents of infection, will take Australia, by SWARM!

Heres a political satire about the situation, ANZAC soldiers in the second world war, an Australian, a New Zealander talking about differences in life, the underarm joke references typical Australian "underhandedness" in sport, in that one of their cricket bowlers deliberately bowled "under arm", so the New Zealand batter couldn't hit the ball as it barely rolled across the pitch, riotously unfair, even the Australian players booed their bowler, the crowd - and New Zealand as a whole - wont let those buggers live it down, in the same way they hold this grudge about our Apples apparently!  Gee, wouldn't it be nice to live in countries where our biggest worries are how the other guys play sport?  Or where your biggest threat is competition from New Zealand Apples?

As Good Will Hunting put it, 

New Zealand Apples are going to take the world by storm allright, hell, I even have the PR slogan down, we get that Burt Bacharach guy out there tinkling away on his piano, and

"What the world, needs now, is pears, nice New Zealand pears.  And crisp sweet juicy New Zealand Apples…..its one-export-theres just, too little of"

About the Americas Cup……ok, so we won a couple times in a row, until essentially all the top New Zealanders literally jumped ship, well, maybe not literally, but they got onboard another countries yacht, going for the bigger pay cheque, over national freaking pride.  TRAITORS!!  People go where the money is, like wealthy capitalist nations, where the broadband ISNT handed out in socialist 20GB a month plans, SO: all we have to do, is make Apple and Pear growing in New Zealand more profitable than killing other animals, and exploiting their lady bits.  As soon as we convince the Americans to pay 200 US dollars per Apple, 150 for a pear, I don't like pears that much, certainly not enough to pay 200 US dollars for one, why, we'll be rolling in dough!  Where dough= money, just to be clear.

As Professor Gary Francione mentions with the example of "beef and bananas", farmers follow the money, when it was more profitable to kill sheep in New Zealand, we killed sheep, now that its more profitable to exploit the female reproductive system, we exploit motherhood, we followed the money.

"New Zealands slaughterhouses and dairy factories are now…….. New Zealands Apple and Pear packaging facilities…."

Hey, I've heard all about this "Whole Foods" place, where Americans gleefully pay five times the price for "organic", "grass fed" "free range", "killed on the same farm IT grew up on" dead bodies, five times the bloody price, when surely the cost isn't that much more!  Pure profit!  Two hundred dollars per Apple, from wonderful New Zealand, home of the Hobbit!  70% Renewable energy!  We gave you the jetboat, and the safety pin!  You love watching our precious All Blacks, gods among men, trample every other country at Rugby, surely that rapidly EXPANDING American Middle Class will go nuts for New Zealand Apples and Pears, at ANY price, right?  We'll pay off Ralph Nadar, "New Zealand fruit: a bargain at any price"

Because otherwise, as internationally famous New Zealand band Split Enz stated it, the New Zealand state will run a deficit:

More worldwide hits from the state of the art New Zealand music industry.

I thought of a new way to freak out the neighborhood this New Years Eve:

"oh, hello nice neighbours, I wanted to give you a token appreciation for being such great neighbours, so I baked you a cake, its Vegan, the pamphlet explains that a little bit.  Thank you very much *shakes hand* and have a lovely New Years Eve tonight!  Take care! *walks off with a smile, leaving bewildered neighbour whose never spoken to me before with the cake, Boston Vegan Association pamphlet with a little note inside, an INVSOC card*

Yes, another of my "stealth" Vegan activism ideas! :-)

I made three, one for the idiot neighbours who play electronic music until 2am most Friday/Saturday nights, they werent home, so after knocking, and noticing their weird as hell swipe card electronic lock, on a NORMAL house which is rented out, weird!, I moved on, to........

The Rest Home (ha!) which is nearby, i thought about the workers helping the residents on New Years Day, when they could be out boozing it up, flipping cars over and setting them on fire, but noooooo, they had to work changing bedpans and dispensing Flinstones Chewable Morphine tablets instead.

 I buzzed at the door, a bewildered staff member, who didnt seem to have eyebrows came to receive the expected beating from the large young man at the door, she oddly took the cake though :-)  She came back out five seconds after I left and asked if I wanted the plastic container (which cost 4 USD each) back, I said "no, no, thank you!" to her, your problem now lady! :-)

And finally, I gave a third cake to a family I walk past each day, the mother picks up the kids around the time I finish work, so I often walk past as they are pulling up, and we awkwardly say "uh, hi, lovely day today....".

They were apparently home, but didnt answer the door, so after I'd basically broken their gate to get on their property, the gate is off its hinges at the top, so it kind of diagonally pivots from the remaining bottom connection, I was in a weird enough situation as it was without needing to be seen breaking a gate, so I acted as if that was normal, expected behaviour, like I visit my friends at the house on the corner all the time, ha!  I heard presumably The Mother inside, and after I knocked loudly on the door, I kind of heard her say "someones out there" or something to other people inside.  I thought "oh christ, she's just out of the shower or something, or doesnt want to be robbed - because theres probably a crime wave of lone men knocking on doors at 2:30PM on a 30 degree day, they beat the hell out of the person who answers and opens the door, before ransacking the joint, finally locking the house owner into the now ransacken refrigerator, blocking the door closed with furniture, "stay cool in there, MW HA HA HA HA HA!".  I left the third cake in the shade by the door step.

So, people are home/coming home at all houses, only one person met me at the door.  1/3....thats kinda bad, as Meatloaf would sing, right? :-)

Oh well, I tried something new, and went out of my comfort zone.

Another idea, using community noticeboards to promote Veganism, I glued a couple of my INVSOC cards to the provided bits of card, and will add them to my local supermarket boards soon, I have cards from most of our main supermarkets, New World and Countdown, so its just a matter visiting the supermarket (hell, I don't even really have to buy anything, thanks for the free advertising suckers!!!), leaving them there, where they stay up for a couple weeks.  My cards have bright, bold colours, so they will stand out next to the handwritten notes for items such as 

 and "green laser pointer, real bright as".

I don't know if all countries have them, but here in New Zealand, we have these animals called worms, have you heard of them?  They're kinda like little snakes, oh, we DONT have snakes here by the way, but we do have the little snakes, called Worms, they live underground, and they tend to come up after heavy rain, so they don't get drowned in all the little underground snake tunnels they like to build.  

The problem is, when they pop up, they often get stranded on the concrete sidewalk, the pavement, or, as we in New Zealand say, the footpath.  I try and scoop up as many as I can, using a piece of cloth, or a flat business card works well, I always have my INVSOC cards in my pocket.  The thing is, there are apparently millions of these tiny snakes called worms, all over every block, you could always save "just one more", but you'll ALWAYS be turning your back on thousands, millions of others.  You simply cant save them all.

There are more and more people interested in at least *discussing* Veganism out there, in our own lives, at Eco Festivals, schools, cooking classes and online.  Maybe our message jumps out at them from a community noticeboard at their local supermarket, you never know.  Lets talk to them, even while we're recording a news segment about voice recognition software on iOS and Android smartphones for the BBC, that will be broadcast all around the world, lets talk to them about Veganism.

One person may never be able to save all the worms who come out of the ground after rain, who end up in the gutters and drown.  But, think about rubbish and recycling bins.  One person couldn't put out every recycling bin in the city, not before the giant truck with the grabby robot arm comes and throws the bins in the air, and hurls the empty bin through your bedroom window in a display of dominance!  There wouldn't be time!

How do they get out there?  How are they put back inside?  Through the work of many, each handling the trivial task.  If everyone did what they could to help out others, be they other people, or other animals, from Hens to Dogs to Cows to flies trapped inside our houses, to worms drowning in gutters or baking on the hot concrete, we'd find out many hands really DID make light work.  Like the mighty New Zealand recording industry, we do the best we can with what we have.  And, like an Apple seed, growing into a mighty Apple tree, filled with Apples ripe for the exporting, Veganism is growing every month, further support for an outrageously subsidized New Zealand fruit industry, causing farmers to stop harming and killing other animals, and to instead ship all the 200 dollar a piece apples they can to wealthy nations with spare cash lying about for luxury fruit,  like America.

Apple, no, not the silly record company of The Beatniks or whatever that band from a half century ago was, but Apple inc, makers of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and even iMac, they're currently the second largest company listed on the American stock exchanges, second only to your friend and mine, Exxon Mobil.  Every now and then, Apple briefly become more valuable than the oil company, but what if they were eclipsed by another Apple company, the mighty ENZA, New Zealand Apple and Pears!  Money doesn't grow on trees, but soon, if I have my way, $200 USD apples and $150 USD pears WILL!

Thank you for listening to Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals.

You can find the script for this episode, as well as downloads for every episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals at ,

If you want to contact me, I'd really love to hear from YOU, please send me an email to

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, Jordan Wyatt, W Y A T T

Thank you for listening.


We'll Meet Again by Vera Lyn

Vera, by Pink Floyd

Knock You Down - Kerri Hilson, Kanye West etc

DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Usher, Pitbull

"what the world needs now" composed by Burt Bacharact

"Six Months in a leaky boat", by Split Enz

"King of the Road", Roger Miller

Killer Whales vs Sharks, an hours drive from where I live in Southland, New Zealand

New Zealand third most overweight nation in the world


Team New Zealand

Team New Zealand world beating boat, sponsored by our "Apple and Pear" company!

Australia-New Zealand relations

Farmers getting older, not replaced

Voice Recognition, random Vegan reporter!!!!



  1. Benjamin Cohen (of voice recognition) reports on technology for Channel 4, the BBC's advertising-funded, younger, cheekier, quite separate, public service sibling.

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  4. It's Ian. Diana is in a hotel, preparing to go on live BBC TV tomorrow to talk about - you'll like this - whether the world is going to end and therefore we should repent. Sorry it won't be accessible, even online, in New Zealand.

    We intend to do one this month. The only thing I'll say for now is: if you could put me in touch with an Arab vegan, that would be great :).

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