Monday, July 5, 2010

Chicken Sax

This is why I love Chickens!  Watch fullscreen!

So excited over a cent worth of Bread!  Lettuce and Grain also send them crazy!  I caught one "yellow" Chick with her neck held straight, jumping to SNAP chunks of Silverbeet from the tall plant!

Heres a link to the video on YouTube

For more photos of my Chicken Friends, visit my Flickr account


  1. You want to change the width of #outer-wrapper.

    It's currently 692px. Try 800+px.

  2. Thank you very much Gordon, I just got it :) I had played around before with the variables and found different "weird things" happened, mainly the "side bar" being pushed around, or "floating above the page".

    Thank you for your help :)


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