Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Sorry for the long delay! I will eventually release a final episode of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals one day. We are so busy with a new house and Invercargill Vegan Society events, the podcast will come to a close. As I say at the end of each show, "thank YOU for listening", it's nice to know someone is! :-) 

You can stay in touch with what we are up to on Facebook :-)

I just received this email TODAY, from an Australian listener. I was outside building a box to protect our strawberries from visiting birds :-)

"Ciao Jordan, what a sweet boy you seem. I love your gentle sense of humour and your strange rolling 'r's. 
I have just discovered your podcasts - coexisting with non-human animals - and while I am watering garden I listen to you on my ipod and often laugh aloud.
I am a vegan after being a vegetarian for many years. At 60 years old I decided to learn italian and live more ethically. Both plans going very well so far.
Thanks very much for your generous sharing.
kind thoughts,

You can follow what we do for INVSOC on our Facebook page, and our website. Here is our latest event, marching in the Southland Santa Parade. We also have some vegan friendly chocolate santas to give away on the street :-)

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