Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 2013 INVSOC Potluck

For our first actual potluck of 2013, we celebrated in our new house, INVSOC HQ :-)

Jenny, Jordan, Russell, Noelle, Katharine.  Brief appearances from Steve, Kerri, Jess and Dan.

Our first potluck of the new year, celebrated in the new INVSOC HQ :-)  Quinoa Salad, Lentil burgers, Spring Rolls, White Chocolate cookies, TVP Larb Gai Thai.......potluck picnic leftovers at The Southland Buskers Festival 2013 with the legend of "El Gleno Grande"!!!

Jen cooking up a storm in INVSOC HQ :-)

Fresh ingredients for the Quinoa salad.

Newly cleaned chairs for the new year!

We might have to build our own movie theatre! :-)

Lentils for the burger patties.

Kumara (sweet potato) for the Quinoa salad.

Jordan working on the burger patties, grating carrots with zest!

Making the patties, "Patty cake Patty cake...." :-)

Jen frying the patties, raw to cooked :-)

Finished lentil patties :-)

Finished Quinoa salad!

Recipes for Quinoa Salad and Lentil Burgers :-)  Thank you very much to Bin Inn for their great Vegan friendly products, and recipes!

 Our new potluck dining room :-)

Peace Hen and Love Pig, potluck mascots :-)  Peace Hen was made by our Auckland friend Romina :-)

Quinoa Salad, White chocolate cookies, spring rolls, lentil burger patties.

Vegan socialising, gathered around the Nexus 4.  Photo taken with an iPhone, Vegans of all creeds, iOS and Android can get along well :-)

Quinoa salad, springrolls, cookies and burger patties!

TVP Larb Gai, a Thai salad made by Russell.

Fudge balls made by Noelle!  Cranberry, Chocolate,  dates, figs....


We look forward to hosting more Invercargill Vegan Society potlucks at INVSOC HQ :-)
Jordan and Jen even had picnic leftovers for visiting the Southland Buskers Festival 2013!

"Campground Chaos" acrobatics

A whole picnic tablet suspended in the air, athletes doing flips and twirls down from it, with one riding a 2 metre high unicycle to take non vegan sausages (?) from a flaming BBQ to other members who would lean down and grab them, still flaming.

Massive highlight was the incomprable "El Gleno Grande", no relation to Ms Barbara DeGrande of Animal Rights and Rescue of North Texas :-)

Absolutely fantastic, unbelievably polished act!  Gleno, AKA Glenn Singer (no relation to Peter Singer!) spoke with Jordan and Jen after his amazing performance.  We gave him an Invercargill Vegan Society, thanking him for mentioning in the booklet that he felt sorry for animals in zoos.  Great guy, he even ran for a West Virginia house of delegates seat!  Glenn was highly motivated to prevent fracking in his area, and NEARLY won, missing by just a couple hundred votes!  A busker who nearly beat a lawyer, the legend of El Gleno Grande grows every day!

Somehow The Great Glen even made an airplane fly overhead during his own introduction.  The greatest showman since Steve Jobs!

What a fantastic potluck to start 2013 with a Vegan bang! :-)

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