Monday, March 12, 2012

March 2012 INVSOC Potluck

Another month, another fantastic Vegan potluck in Invercargill, New Zealand!

Russell, Natalie, Dan, Steve and Kerri attended, along with their son Jessie.  Special invited guests were Dave and Vicky Kennedy, the soon to be Green Party prime minister and first lady of New Zealand!  Such an honour to meet the Kennedys now, while we have a chance to influence them with Lasagne and Banana Bread, before we have to grovel and scrape along with the rest of their subjects :-)

I brought along Banana Bread with "Zucchini and Corn Party Quiches"

A fine time was had by all, as heard here in this on the spot interview  :-)

(May need permission to play in your web browser)

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