Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NZ Vegetarian Society Asking For Welfare Reform

I received an email from the NZ Vegetarian Society, RE the calls for larger cages/banning *CERTAIN* cages used for keeping pigs for their meat.

Dear Members,

We are emailing you to ask if you have made a submission yet regarding
"Your Say Matters - Say no to pig cruelty" Campaign.

We feel it is important that we support SAFE in their Campaign and hope that our members will find the compassion and time to also help them in this area of animal welfare as well. Submissions must be made before April 16th - here is the e-card to sign online at:

National Executive

National Vegetarian Centre
NZ Vegetarian Society Inc
P O Box 26664
Epsom, Auckland
Ph / Fax 09 523 4686"

Why would an actual *VEGETARIAN* society ask for welfare reform when it comes to "meat animals"? Why would the Meat Boards care what Vegetarians want them to do, its not like a Vegetarian will buy their product!

Animal Welfare reforms are not what we should be promoting. We should promote Veganism, to help all our animal friends.

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