Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adam Kochanowicz about Welfarism

An excellent article by Adam Kochanowicz, who explains problems with Welfare reform much better than I did on my last episode :)

"Animal welfarism is no more absent today than it was in 1641 when the first animal welfare laws were written in the United States. We believe the powers that be are hard at work ensuring the best possible conditions for the nonhuman animals we call food."

"These conceptions are very attractive. They ensure we can continue to enjoy the fruits of animals while believing we are participating in a mutual or fair exchange. The reality of our relations to nonhumans shows us a truth we all have feared accepting: We shouldn't eat animals. If we care about sentient beings, we shouldn't even eat from them or use them as our property. That we derive a benefit from exploitation is not a moral justification."

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  1. Welfarist animal rights are not only wrong by missing the point completely (i.e., animal abuse vs. animal use), but they actually INCREASE animal harm by easing the consciences of those who eat free-range eggs, organic chicken, etc. Let's be consistent people, either using animals is wrong or it's not. Either we contribute to eat by buying animal products, or we stop it by avoiding them. It's just that simple.


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