Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The best comeback against vegans ever!

Contains swearing.

I'd mentioned to some of my farming friends that I talked about them on Episode 49 of NZ Vegan Podcast, and I got this response, telling me that one of the posters didnt want to be my friend anymore! :( boo hoo!

"must be bl dy thick, doesnt get the hint he's not wanted i'll put it more planer, stick yer head up yer boyfreinds arse and stay in queer school,not with the inelligent part of nz"

Look at all the mistakes! The more rural parts of NZ, Southland included, often have a "hate" for homosexual people.

Well, if thats how "inelligent" people act, I'm glad to be a "thick" vegan :)


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