Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letter in newspaper

I've been known to write into The Southland Times newspaper from time to time,
and got a response back from someone (presumably joking) that they tried a
"no-meat diet of beans, greens and onions", and have had nothing but trouble
from it!

heres the full letter,

"We'll meat again
Since Mr Wyatt's suggestion (November 4) I have tried a no-meat diet of beans,
greens and onions but sad to say after the increased emissions I now have no
friends, am sleeping in the garage, the cat clawed the sofa to pieces, the dog
bit my leg and the pigs thought I was talking to them.

It's now back to a healthy balanced diet of meat and vegetables.

(Did you know that pigs, like most other animals and birds, also eat meat in
their natural environment?)
Neville Stronach, Te Anau"

Newspaper Website

I've sent this reply in, let me know what you think :)

"(In reply to Neville Stronach, Te Anau's letter)

Hi Neville,

If you did indeed try living on a diet of three things, "beans,
greens and onions", no wonder you ran into difficulty :) Variety is
the spice of life!

If you're ever in Invercargill, I'd love to prepare a Vegan Culinary
Tour de Force for you, err, thank you for warning me in advance of
your digestive difficulties :) I've never ran into any of the problems
you mentioned and its been years since I've eaten meat. Perhaps you
just hit a bad batch of "beans, greens and onions"?

Humans can thrive on a Vegan diet, I'm trying to arrange an interview
time with Auckland vegan Dusan Dudas, a very successful bodybuilder,
he runs , it would be great to
have him on my podcast "Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals".

(while we are playing "Animal Trivia", there are actually more
herbivorous animals than carnivores, and many are spectacular! From
the cutest Rabbits and Lambs, the tall Giraffe, the strong Elephant,
or our second closest relative, the Gorilla. Three of the "Big Five"
most dangerous African animals are herbivores.)

Best wishes,

Jordan Wyatt

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