Thursday, October 1, 2009

Episode 0 Introduction

Episode 0 Introduction

Hi, welcome to the introduction to my new podcast, Coexisting with nonhuman animals.

I've decided to have two podcasts, my main "Jay Wont darts podcast" where I talk about anything that interests me, and this, Coexisting with nonhuman animals, that will focus like a laser on being vegan, and animal stories. You could just subscribe to one of my podcasts, or you could subscribe to both.

I asked for help naming this podcast, and my friend Sam suggested the title. Its very long, but I like it. Sam also designed the artwork, using a photo of a Wandering Ringtail Damselfly that rested on my hand. I think it looks very peaceful, its a very pretty little insect, so delicate compared to my giant clunky hand. Thank you very much to Sam for his contributions.

Hopefully I'll soon have a marvelous new intro to play at the start of every episode, I think its best that I stick to one intro/outro clip for this podcast to unify my message better. I hope I can have that ready for the first real episode.

No doubt I'll have lots of New Zealand animal news stories to cover in coming episodes. At the moment, news of a farmer allowing baby cows, calves, to starve to death has been a big issue. More shocking to me, MAF, the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, in charge of Animal Welfare, tipped off the farm, to get rid of evidence. That evidence was the dying animals, they were dispatched by being hit on the head with a hammer. As MAF say < " thats not approved clip "> I dont think needless killing of animals is ever humane, but in this case, perhaps the animals couldnt be saved, I dont know.

I have many more ideas for episodes, but if you have any ideas for topics I should cover, you can email met at

Hopefully the first actual episode will be up within a week or so.

Thank you very much for listening.


  1. Congratulations on your first episode! Fitting that you would have No Agenda (Noah Jingo ha,ha) mention it. Although I wonder if they don't deliberately mispronounce "vegan" to be "vagen"? I sort of judge that it's their style to do so.

    Thanks for all you do! :)

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